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Wolfpack Online:
The Exclusive Business Building Program for Personal Trainers and Studio Owners

Start or grow a personal training business without spending years learning the hard way. Learn the sales, marketing, mindset and business skills you need to go from winning in the gym to winning at business.

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IMPORTANT HEADS UP: This game-changing online course covers every aspect of running a successful PT business whether you work in a big box gym, or want to take your studio to the next level. If you have the right mindset and a willingness to learn from those who have walked the path you want to walk, you will not leave Wolfpack the same person or business owner who entered – we guarantee it.

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Wolfpack Elevate Careers Changes Lives

Don’t just take my word for it…

"What other mentor can you find at this level?"

François Preece


"It's not just a program, it's a community"

Jeremy Evans


"You can't fail"

Raquel Ramirez


"It encapsulates what the industry is in one course"

David Coyne


"The depth of learning in the course speaks for itself"

Andrea Bayliss


"I doubled my earnings in months"

Karl McKenna


Are You Struggling to Build a Successful Personal Training Business

But you can’t figure out why?

You’ve got ambitious goals for your career and life. Maybe you want to buy a house, have a family, or set yourself up for the future.

Deep down you know there’s a better way to run your PT business than getting up at 4:30am day after day (and year after year), with nothing to show for it in the long run. And when you start to picture your full potential, the possibilities are exciting.

Charging $200 an hour. Earning $4k a week. Pulling in $250k+ a year. Working hours you choose. Opening your own studio. Enjoying an industry-wide reputation.

These are the types of goals that excite you. But something is holding you back from enjoying the career and life you’re chasing…

Too Many Personal Trainers Lose out on Making Life-Changing Money Because Business
Gets in the Way

I’m going to give it to you straight. Right now you’re at risk of, or already making, this cardinal sin.

The best trainers in the world cannot overcome a lack of business skills. I don’t care how transformational your training approach is, how much you want success, or what you’re willing to give on and off the gym floor. If your business model is broken, you will never be the success that you could be.

That means no yearly holidays unless you want to risk losing your clients and income…

That means years of setting the alarm before sunrise and coming home after sunset to pay the bills…

That means staying stuck where you are running FB ads that people scroll past, or praying to the ClickFunnels Gods for more conversions…

If you’re honestly satisfied with any of those outcomes, then Wolfpack isn’t the program for you.

Still here?

Good. Then you’re already a step ahead of the PTs who think they know everything, aren’t willing to listen to experts, and believe that client results automatically mean higher income.

Success means something different to everyone. Whether it’s more money, more free time, developing and launching a new program, or opening your own studio, I’m here to help you do it faster and easier.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

There’d be something wrong with you if you weren’t asking
that question.

As the owner of Enterprise Fitness, creator of the Enterprise Fitness Academy, and author of The Enterprise Diet, I’m not here to make you a better trainer. You can do that with one of my other courses (you won’t find a single module on nutrition or a mention
of macros here).

I’m here to help you become a better business owner.

How can I confidently claim to do that?

Because I know what’s required to turn a passion for training into a multi-million dollar business. Like you, I started by waking up at 4:30am and getting home when the sun had set – for the grand sum of $16.75 an hour.

I’ve written blogs, a book, been a guest on and hosted podcasts. I’ve trained champions at State, National and International level as well as Commonwealth Games gold medallists. I’ve been to the highest level as a PT and business owner. And I’ve got as many failures as
I have successes.

And today, my studio is still operating and growing as strong as ever after 10+ years.

Now, I’m sharing my strategies with you.

Not before I did the hard work. Not before I trained champions. Not before I knew how to grow a profitable studio.

If you want to go on to 2x, 3x or 4x your income. To open your own studios. Or to enjoy multi-million dollar revenue, I’ve done it… and I’ll show you how.

Let Me Ask, Can You Relate to Any of the Following?

You never feel secure that you’ll be able to get new clients.

You’re posting weekly (or daily) on Instagram but you’re not getting any new paying clients. Even when you run Facebook and Instagram Ads, because that’s “what you’re supposed to do”, you’re STILL not seeing enough new clients to make your ballooning spend
worth it (and yes, FB and Insta ads are getting more expensive). Worst of all, a change in the algorithm can wipe out your strategy and leave you back at square one.

You want to make more money but you’re not sure how to make it happen.

You’re posting weekly (or daily) on Instagram but you’re not getting any new paying clients. Even when you run Facebook and Instagram Ads, because that’s “what you’re supposed to do”, you’re STILL not seeing enough new clients to make your ballooning spend
worth it (and yes, FB and Insta ads are getting more expensive). Worst of all, a change in the algorithm can wipe out your strategy and leave you back at square one.

You’re drowning in admin when you want to focus on training.

You’re not an admin person who wants to spend hours behind a computer dealing with tax, GST, and BAS – that’s why you became a personal trainer! The right admin systems can help build a seven figure personal training studio. Until you can unlock that proven system, you’ll be trapped in a business that steals your time and energy.

You’re struggling to make ends meet despite putting in 40, 50 or 60+ hours every week.

Too many PTs work their ass off for peanuts, not because they don’t know how to deliver great results, but because their business model is broken. When you stop hunting rats and start hunting elephants you can go from earning $60 to $70 an hour to charging $3k or $4k per package which is life-changing.

You’ve got ambitious goals for your business but lack business knowledge.

You already know you’re better than most PTs but it’s tough to take your business to the next level when you’re unsure when, where or how to get there. On the gym floor, you’ll back yourself to keep up with any trainer and deliver kick-ass results. But when it comes to the business side, you second-guess yourself.

You’re frustrated at constantly throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks.

When you’re guessing what to say on a sales call, making Reel after Reel on Instagram, or sending cold DMs to people that don’t give a damn, you’re putting all the right effort into all the wrong places. Effort doesn’t automatically mean success if it’s not effort spent wisely.

Here’s the truth - great personal trainers need to be equally great business owners.

Right now you can continue following flavour of the month strategies… or build a business that’s still here in 5 or 10 years.

You might already know how to get results inside the gym. Now I’ll show you how to get results in the business of personal training.

Flew 32 Hours From Germany For Our Seminar

Introducing: Wolfpack Online

Wolfpack is an online program designed to teach you how to run a successful, face-to-face personal training business, take control of your income, or open a studio.

100% online, on-demand, Wolfpack gives you complete control of your business with actionable modules that break down every aspect of a successful business. Best of all, everything you’ll learn comes from battle-tested strategies I currently use in my seven-figure studio, Enterprise Fitness.

Whatever your definition of success, Wolfpack Online will help you achieve it.

Here’s what’s inside Wolfpack Online:

Advanced 12-Week Online Program

The pinnacle of PT business education, we break down the ins and outs of running a training business, studio or gym.

‘Transform Your Business’ Workbooks

We wrote the book on building and scaling successful PT businesses.

Now, we’re sharing everything we learned with you.

Direct Access to Enterprise Experts

Level up all areas as a business-based personal trainer with a direct line to our
industry-leading team.

‘Plug and Play’ Hyper-Growth Templates

Save time, skip the hassle, and enjoy results with a range of business building templates tailored to your needs.

BONUS: Attend One Wolfpack Alpha Mastermind Event (valued at $2,499)

Wolfpack is designed to raise the standard of personal training worldwide. If you’re ready to unlock the sales, marketing and business skills that power six and seven-figure PT businesses, I’m ready to show you how.

ATTENTION: Wolfpack is built around real business skills. Forget the “trend of the month” B.S. that only works until the algorithm changes or the next fad lands. This program will arm you with a business strategy that sets you up to win.

*Find out if Wolfpack is right for you

Imagine what your life would look like

if you could go from charging $80 a session to $4,000 for a 12-week package?

Wolfpack Can (and Will) Change Your Life

That’s not an over-exaggeration. It’s not blowing smoke up your ass. It’s not a marketing strategy to try and “sell” you.

As a Wolfpack graduate, or Packer, you’ll be equipped with the core business skills required to turn a passion for personal training into a lifelong and profitable business venture. Wolfpack graduates have quadrupled their income, launched their own multi-million dollar businesses, and transformed their lives.

Here’s how we’ll do the same for you:

Business Modelling

Compare business model options and decide which is appropriate for you. You’ll learn how to reach your target audience and have meaningful connections while creating a high-earning PT business from the ground up that matches your goals.

Money Management

Setting reasonable financial goals can be the difference between hoping your business is making money and knowing you’re on the right track. Learn the fundamentals of finances with no-nonsense money management tips from managing your tax to promoting financial health and plenty more in between.

Client Marketing

Avoid the fundamental mistake made by most trainers so you can convert more leads into paying clients without sinking hours into unsuccessful marketing strategies. Climb inside your client’s head to understand what they want from a PT and how to position yourself as the natural solution.

Digital Marketing

Your clients come to you for transformational results… but you’ll need to find them first. Across Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, we’ll show you the strategies that work online. When you can tap into proven digital marketing channels, you’ll never be short of clients again.


The strategies behind Wolfpack have literally sold millions of dollars in personal training packages. From objection handling to incentivising packages, we’ll take a closer look at the psychology of sales and show you how to make $2k, $3k, or $4k from a single sale while other PTs are making a few hundred bucks a week.


I’ll show you how to believe in your own skills and develop the confidence to sell high-priced PT services to people who need and want them. No more squeezing blood from a stone. Success is inevitable when you have full belief in your approach and the results you can deliver for
your clients.

Here’s What You’ll Have Inside Your Wolfpack Online Program



Goal Setting, Understanding & Identifying Values

Better businesses start with better coaches. Get clear on your values, understand the most powerful forces in coaching, develop effective client communication, and identify the end goals of your dream business so you can start working towards them.



Fitness Business Models

Break down the pros and cons of the most common fitness business models. Understand your responsibilities and obligations and discover the critical business metrics required to run a successful training business. From leads to sales conversion rate, average sales to profit margins, we’ll cover it all.



Fitness Business Planning

Understand the key numbers that underpin all successful training businesses. Learn how to identify your target hourly rate based on your annual revenue goals plus money saving tips to help you take control of your finances.



Finance Management

Discover the fundamentals of finance management by implementing systems that future-proof your business so you’re not at the mercy of outside forces. Staying on top of your money takes discipline – and that starts here.



Understand Your Target Market

Learn how to set expectations with clients, break down core marketing principles, and how to understand your target market so you can confidently pitch your packages to “open and interested” leads.



Digital Marketing

From copywriting to SEO and logo design, learn the step-by-step process of marketing your business to a digital audience. With leading edge digital marketing you can focus on training knowing you’ve got a pipeline of leads.



Social Media

Go from theory to practical implementation of the social media marketing strategies that work. This isn’t just about blowing up on IG, it’s about using social media as a lead-gen tool.



Time Management & Productivity

Discover how to maximise your most precious resource – time. Learn to live by your schedule, set appointments, and general business management tips to help you stay on top of your business.



Professionally Selling Personal Training

Uncover a proven sales process covering relationship building, client discovery, outcome selling, objection handling, and how to close a sale. Change your mindset from selling an hour to selling an outcome.



Sales Mastery

Break down advanced sales skills that have helped Enterprise Fitness drive 350+ sessions every week. Learn how to package packages for profit, sales scripts, and the power of understanding buyer types.



Legal Responsibilities

It might not be the most exciting topic, but when you understand and manage your tax obligations you can focus on training clients and running your business with confidence. Plus, the important legal responsibilities you have with your clients.



Managing Your Emotions

Learn to navigate the challenges of running a business with calmness, clarity and confidence. Unlock the mindset required to build a successful and sustainable business owner.

Wolfpack Bonuses


The Science of Change (with Duane Alley)

Guest speaker Duane Alley uncovers the truths, key strategies and small changes that allow personal trainers to create massive growth and improvement in their businesses.

Valued at $1,997


The Power of Being Flawed (with Tony Doherty)

Guest speaker Tony Doherty explains the value in being true to yourself in a powerful open Q&A session uncovering his mindset and approach to building a sustainable and successful personal training brand.

Valued at $997


Sales Mastery Course

Take clients from “I’m not sure if this will work for me” to “when can I come in for my first session” with sales resources including cheat sheets, common objection handling strategies, and buyer type breakdowns.

Valued at $1,997

3 x Bonuses Valued at $4,991

Included in your Wolfpack Program for FREE

Now is Your Chance to Learn From Industry Leaders and Master Trainers Sharing Real, In-The-Trenches Knowledge

There are no magic words to close every sales pitch. No instant switch you can flick to go from a $70/hour personal trainer to earning six or seven figures a year.

Wolfpack is not a shortcut, a cheat code, or a chance to take your foot off the gas. It’s a chance for you to match your ambition with intention and knowledge.

In the world of fitness, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or take the wrong approach.

That’s why high-functioning, highly-ambitious, and high-achieving business owners need a pack to run with to help navigate common challenges and share proven strategies for success.

That’s what I set out to create.

If you’re ready to skip frustrating trial and error, I’ll show you
how to systemise your processes, and avoid making the common business mistakes that cause great trainers to end up as
business failures.

You’re not just learning isolated skills or systems. You’ll learn the knowledge AND how to apply it. And if you’re serious about getting results and changing your situation, it’s time for you to take action.

*Act now before you miss out

I’m so confident you’ll get business-altering value out of Wolfpack Alpha that I put my money where my mouth is. If for some reason you aren’t satisfied with the value on offer within 14 days, I’ll refund you in full.

Change the trajectory of your PT career and life with zero risk.

*Act now before you miss out

Wolfpack Online

Access the full online program with convenient watch-on-demand video modules so you can grow your knowledge and PT business anytime and anywhere.



*14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

BONUS: Attend One Wolfpack Alpha Mastermind Event (valued at $2,499)

PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE: Take advantage of our flexible payment option to take your business skills to the next level.

Pay the first instalment of $1,337 today to secure your spot and an Enterprise team member will be in touch to arrange a payment schedule that works for you

How many payments would you prefer?

*Course fees must be finalised prior to course commencement.

Meet the Trainers Running Stronger, More Successful Businesses

Jack Bought His DREAM BIKE From Personal Training

Wen Jack

Fitness First Australia

Gave me the platform to grow the business the way I want it

Michael Pritchatt

Head coach, mind performance health

Wolfpack is relevant to building a business, face to face personal training

Gordon Phonekeo

Fitness street athletic club

Rob Clacher Levelled Up His Career in Personal Training

Rob Clacher

Quintessential Health & performance

"Wolfpack has given me so much clarity in our business"

Annette Shepherd

personal trainer

I feel like I am the person that I knew I could be but didn't know how to be

Shaun Tucker

Tucker power fitness

Are You Ready to Run With the Wolfpack?

I know what it’s like to want to grow a successful business, studio or gym.

When it’s your time and money on the line, you need to be certain the opportunity is right for you.
And I 100% agree.

That’s why I want you to put our knowledge to the test. Book an obligation-free Discovery Call with a Wolfpack Coach to find out if Wolfpack is right for you.

If you don’t feel there’s enough value on offer, let us know. And if we don’t think you’re ready for Wolfpack, we’ll tell you.


*Find out if Wolfpack is right for you

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