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If you are a personal trainer or strength coach and want to separate yourself from the sea of mediocrity, you are in the right place. We offer many free resources which outline simple and advanced career accelerating strategies, which will give you the tools to achieve greatness.

From learning how to increase your income to soaring new heights, to equipping you with training techniques and nutritional knowledge. We offer programs that will lead to head-turning client results, and a financial freedom that will continue throughout your career. We will teach you how to be a successful personal trainer, so you can do what you love and excel at it.

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Have you recently completed your personal training certificates but still feel like you don’t know enough?

Have you been a trainer for years but feel stuck in a rut? Have you come to a standstill in your career and are now just going through the motions?

It’s time to take your business to the next level with our mentoring programs, designed by trainers, for trainers.

Having built 7-figure personal training businesses from scratch, we can help transform your career over the next 12 months.

If you want to shortcut your way to a higher level of knowledge and credibility, then contact us today.

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Our Mission

In 1943, a psychologist called Abraham Maslow wrote a journal article called “A Theory of Human Motivation” and in it, set out the hierarchy of human needs. The basic need for a business is to produce a profit after the deduction of expenses and income. I apply the same reasoning to business. The basic need for a business is to produce a profit after expenses.. Once you can achieve that, there are higher goals to reach; goals which are beyond mere survival. It’s then an opportunity to step away from self-interest, and help others.

In other words, we’ve had business success, now we wish to change the industry and raise the standard of personal training world wide.

We want trainers to be respected, and personal training to be seen as a profession. We want personal training to be seen as a profession rather than a ‘Cert IV’ ‘weekend course. We want to transform the title of ‘Personal Trainer’ so it is associated with honour and respect.

We have no interest in cowboy and cowgirl trainers who want to work in-between ‘real’ career choices. We wish to make it impossible for bad trainers to exist by offering a new, high-level educational benchmark for all trainers to reach, which in turn offers clients a service that is of the highest quality.

Yours in Health and Wisdom,

Mark Ottobre FOUNDER Enterprise Fitness Academy

Students From All Over The World

We’ve had athletes and trainers travel from across Australia and over 10 different countries just to learn from us. Why? Because we’re the personal training mecca; a place where people come to transform their career opportunities and business success.


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