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Discover the Training and Nutrition Secrets Used by the Top 1% of Personal Trainers

The Enterprise Internship is based on real, in-the-trenches experience so you can get head-turning results for your clients and increase your rates by taking your training and nutrition skills to the next level.

MARCH 14th and 15th 2024
10AM to 5:30PM

IMPORTANT HEADS UP: This is a no B.S program. We don’t mince our words around here. If you want hours of boring, dry, pointless theory that doesn’t do a damn thing for your real-world business, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for a practical, straightforward, and no-nonsense approach to growing your skills, confidence, and personal training business, I’ll see you in class.

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Tried, Tested and True Methods of Getting Results

Career-Altering Results Are Typical

Just ask any of our students…

"It's on a completely other level! - In a league of its own!"


Personal Trainer – Sweat Nation

"The personal training course helped me find clarity on my 10 year plan"


Personal Trainer

"I was shocked! He undervalue this personal training course


personal trainer

"RMIT Sports & Science Graduate's First placement was at Enterprise fitness"


exercise & sports scientist – RMIT University

"The personal training course for beginner to advance trainers"


Personal Trainer

"Already exceeded my expectations"

Lindsay French

Personal Trainer

Are You Ready to Take Your Personal Training

Career to the Next Level?

As a personal trainer, you have the opportunity to help clients bridge the gap from who they are now to who they want to be.

More than helping people nail correct form or sharing ways to stay on track in the kitchen, you’re helping people become better versions of themselves - inside and out.

I don’t have to be a mind reader to guess you want to help as many people as possible, become a respected PT known for their results, and make great money to enjoy the flexible lifestyle you always imagined.

But you can’t help others until you help yourself…


Dear Fellow Personal Trainer…

I’m Mark Ottobre, owner of Enterprise Fitness and creator of the Enterprise Fitness Academy.

Let me be real with you. The reason you’re not growing your business and retaining clients is because you’re not getting results… or at least, the results they’re looking for.

I know this because I’ve stood in your shoes and built a million dollar business from nothing, developed hundreds of trainers to the top of the industry and helped dozens of personal training businesses double, triple or in some cases, 10X their profits.

Why am I telling you this?

Because there are dozens of courses and programs available for PTs looking to take the next step in their career, and I should know – I’ve attended most of them.

Sadly, the overwhelming majority fail to give you real-world experience. The truth is, all the theory in the world is useless if you can’t take what you’ve learned, problem solve for your clients, and write programs that get results.

Step into my studio on any given day and you’ll see a mix of clients from “I’ve never been to the gym before” beginners through to elite physique competitors and everyone in between.

My studio is trusted by all types of clients because we cater our training to the individual. And when you can implement individual understanding and deliver high-end results for all clients, your reputation and income soar.

That’s exactly what the Enterprise Internship will teach you.

Today You Have a Unique Opportunity…

… To learn the training and nutrition skills that have built Enterprise Fitness into Australia’s most sought after personal training studio delivering life-changing results for thousands of people from gym newbies through elite athletes and getting handsomely paid to do it.

When you join Enterprise Fitness Academy you’ll be able to:

Elevate your nutrition knowledge to help you transform your client’s physiques and become known as the PT that delivers far more than just training.

Master assessment and screening to help you quickly identify what your clients need and how to write a custom program for their body and lifestyle.

Deliver sustainable results that make it easy to attract and retain clients willing to pay top dollar for your expertise.

Attract high profile clients that trust your knowledge and your approach to support their goals.

Enjoy the priceless confidence that comes from finally realising you can enjoy a long-term career in personal training.

It’s time to learn the gold standard of training and nutrition that eliminates doubt and supports a highly profitable personal training career.

Do You Demand Greatness?

I’m not talking about what you expect from your clients – I’m talking about you.

Maybe you want to buy a home, start a family, set yourself up for the future, or build a business that’s still growing 5, 10, or 15 years from now. Whatever your goals, a successful business is your vehicle to take you where you want to go.

But there’s one thing stopping you from becoming great…

You Want a Never-Ending Stream of Clients and a Reputation For Being the Best,
so What’s Stopping You?

If you’re like most PTs, you feel trapped in a career meant to provide freedom.

You’ve completed your courses, learned the fundamentals, and gone into the world to find clients. You did everything you were “supposed” to do. So why does it feel like you’re spinning your wheels without progress?

Maybe you’re struggling to bring in new sales. Or, you’re struggling to deliver results. Your income might be as inconsistent as your flaky clients. And when you step back from the frustrating day-to-day grind, the bigger picture might spell big trouble.

I’m talking about earning peanuts for early starts and late finishes. The lack of respect for what you do. The rollercoaster of finding and losing clients. These aren’t “what if” scenarios – they’re what’s waiting for you unless you take action.

Be honest with yourself, what are you going to do if you can’t make personal training work as a career?

You know something has to change if you want to enjoy success, but you’re at a crossroads in your career (and life) and asking yourself, “am I doing this right?”

In the World of Fitness and Personal Training You’re Either Growing… or Dying

That might sound like hyperbole – but it’s not. You’re either keeping up your knowledge to stay ahead of the pack or getting left behind. If you’re not moving forward, you’re going backwards because our industry moves too fast for you to stay in neutral.

Can you relate to any of the following?

Do you struggle to get clients to stick to your plan which ultimately reflects on you?

Success flows through every aspect of your business when you can deliver results, so it’s frustrating when your programs don’t provide the change you hoped for. Until your programs become guaranteed roadmaps to weight loss and muscle gain, inconsistent results mean inconsistent income.

Are you training clients who you know deep down aren't a good fit?

Every PT has been there. You’re up at 5am to make it to the gym and find out your client has cancelled. If you want freedom in your career then you need to start working with clients who value your knowledge and expertise. Until then, you’re at the whim of low-quality and flaky clients because you need to make ends meet.

Do you feel frustrated that you're earning less than you know you're worth?

You’re stuck earning peanuts while pouring your time and energy into clients. You’ll be able to charge more and double or even triple your income if you can become known for your results and respected for your expertise. Until you can deliver head-turning results, you’ll never earn what you’re worth.

Do you feel like you don't get the respect your hard work and dedication deserves?

Too many people view personal training as a “job between jobs” when really you have huge goals and want to make your mark on the industry and people’s lives. Until you can find a way to deliver jaw-dropping results for all clients, you’ll never get the full respect you deserve.

Are you ready to maximise your own results by taking your knowledge to the next level?

Knowledge is a path for you to build muscle, get stronger, and stay lean in the most efficient way possible. That’s why mastering your training and nutrition knowledge isn’t just a path to more clients and higher income – it’s a chance for you to eat, train and supplement at the highest level.

Do you want to learn once and for all how to assess,

program and screen

clients for success?

The world of writing training programs can seem confusing with ‘periodisation’ this or ‘mesocycle’ that. The truth is, writing programs can and should be simple. The challenge is, until you can apply effective screening and programming, you’ll never join the top 1% of personal trainers.

Deep down, you know you need a way to cut through the confusion and uncertainty that stands between you and the career (and life) you want.

And today’s the day you finally get the roadmap to go from struggling to success…

I’d Recommend This to All PTs I Know

Introducing The Enterprise Internship

The Enterprise Internship is the ultimate playbook for personal trainers.

It’s a no-nonsense, results-focused experience covering the ins and outs of nutrition and training that helps you gain confidence on the gym floor and deliver programs that get results.

Choose when and where you grow your knowledge and confidence.


8-Week Online Course

Get access to our 8-week on-demand video training from when you sign up for the Internship. 

The Enterprise Online Internship is a program designed to be completed anytime and anywhere.

Break down the theory and our proven principles behind effective communication, client assessments, results-focused programming, nutrition and more.



Intense Two-Day course 

The ultimate 360° Internship experience.

Build on your online learning by joining us at a live event and discover the Enterprise difference

Rub shoulders with high-level trainers, enjoy practical screening and live demos, and perfect your in-person coaching and cueing in an environment designed to get the best out of you.

Plus four intense workouts to implement what you’ve learned (these sessions will test what you
are made of!)

DATES: March 14th and 15th  2024

TIME: 10 AM – 5:30 PM DAILY


With the Enterprise Internship, you can finally end the confusion around nutrition and training that plagues our industry.

With a hybrid online and in-person approach to maximise learning and minimise your investment of time, you can stop hoping your clients reach their goals, and start charging more for packages and programs.

*Act now before you miss out


Here’s What You’ll Learn Over 8 Value-Packed Modules



Client Screening and Assessment

Pre-screening and assessment is an essential step in helping your clients achieve their fitness goals.

This week, you’ll learn to…



Using your screening results

Your screening results allow you to create individualised programs that support client goals whether they’re a gym newbie or aspiring champion.

This week, you’ll learn to…

BONUS: Step-by-step case study. Be a fly on the wall as we assess and screen a client in real-time, breaking down what we see and how we plan a program.



Programming Basics

Deliver the strength, conditioning, endurance and/or sport training support your clients need through effective programming.

This week, you’ll learn to…

BONUS: Step-by-step case study. Watch as we write a program from scratch and explain why we choose each exercise, including reps and sets.



Programming for Bodybuilding or Fat Loss

Your clients will have specific health and fitness goals which requires you to effectively write and deliver programs that deliver results.

This week, you’ll learn to…



Understanding Your Client and Compliance

Identify the role of a personal trainer and how you can play a crucial role in helping your client stay on track and impact lives beyond the gym.

This week, you’ll learn to…



The Enterprise Diet

Every nutrition mistake or dieting mis-step takes your clients further away from their goals – and if you want to stand out, it’s your responsibility to show them how to develop a healthy lifestyle.

This week, you’ll learn to…



Understanding and Using Macros

Hear from guest speaker, Stefan Ivanev, on the fundamentals of nutrition and how to support your client’s training outside the gym.

This week, you’ll learn to…



Supplementing Your Health

Supplements help cover nutritional gaps and enhance athletic and training performance.

This week, you’ll learn to…

BONUS: Tape Measure Tracking

You can’t improve what you don’t measure which makes it crucial you can confidently and accurately track client progress at all stages of their training.

This week, you’ll learn to…

The Ultimate Internship Experience

Two days of intense face-to-face learning PLUS everything in the online learning package.

DAY one


BONUS: Put the books down and participate in 2 training sessions run by elite Enterprise Fitness coaches to put what you’ve learned into practice.



BONUS: Thought we were done pushing you to your limits? Think again. Take part in another 2 training sessions run by elite Enterprise Fitness coaches.

*Warning: Spots Limited

Now is Your Chance to Learn From Industry Leaders and Master Trainers Sharing Real, In-The-Trenches Knowledge

My team and I have collectively coached over 300 first-place titles in various disciplines, from bikini and fitness competitors to Commonwealth Games Gold medalists and Olympians.

Our methods and techniques have led to life-changing transformations known world-wide; students and clients have travelled from 14 different countries (and counting) to attend our training and seminars.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because right now you’re at a crossroads in your career. You can continue down the path of trial and error, struggle to land and hold onto clients, leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table or quit altogether…

Or, you can take advantage of the risk-free Enterprise Internship opportunity and learn from my team and I how to achieve client results with profit in the bank.

It’s up to you.

*Act now before you miss out

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Training and Nutrition Skills so You Can Charge More For Your Services?

Choose the option that works for you to get started today.

Payment plan

Early bird expires March 1st
3 payments of


normally $537 x 3

Access the full 8 week Internship online with convenient watch-on-demand video modules so you can grow your training and nutrition knowledge anytime and anywhere.

*100% Money-Back Guarantee by Day 2

One time

Early bird expires March 1st


normally $1697

Access the full 8 week online Enterprise Internship PLUS an exclusive two-day face to face seminar that includes practical screening, live demos and the chance to work out with the best PTs in the business.

*100% Money-Back Guarantee by Day 2


1x 45 min Consult with Enterprise Founder Mark Ottobre to give you advice on your business or training!

Getting one on one time with Mark could change the tractory of your business and career forever.

Limited to the first 15 who enrol.

Why Choose the Enterprise Internship?

We’re at the Top of the Industry

Learn the training and nutrition approach used by a studio with over 370+ Google reviews, 1000’s of transformed clients, 300+ comp prep winners, and a seven-figure turnover.

We’re Obsessed With Results

Enterprise Fitness is like Sparta. We don’t have the biggest army, instead we have an unapologetic desire to be the best and set the highest standard in the industry. It’s our mission to help you win, it’s as simple as that.

We Share Real-World Strategies

Our internship experience lets you in behind the scenes. It shows you exactly how we do it using the same systems and methods that built our brand and shaped industry leading PTs.

We Build Successful Trainers

We specialise in every area of personal training; from training techniques to programming, nutrition and fat loss, mindset, sales, marketing – if it relates to personal training we have it covered.

Can you do me one small favour? Can you hold me to my word…

Experience the Enterprise Internship with a BETTER THAN MONEY BACK guarantee

Change the trajectory of your PT career with zero risk.

I’m so confident you’ll get value out of this course and that the nutrition and training skills will help you replace the fog of uncertainty with confidence that I put my money where my mouth is.

Or, where the clock is.

If you aren’t satisfied with the Ultimate Internship Experience by 3:00pm on the first day, or within 14 days of enrolling in the Online Internship, simply return the materials and I’ll refund you in full.

*Act now before you miss out

Meet the PTs Crushing Their Goals and Enjoying Successful Careers

"I recommend this to trainers who feel stagnant on their business, who wants to level up"

Mia Haynes

Personal Trainer

"I'm really looking forward to apply what I'm learning today"

Cristiano Colla

Personal Trainer

"this program is not about giving you the knowledge, it's about implementing it"

Gagan Gill

Personal Trainer

"It's more hands on tool than just basic information, that's what I like about that"

Satbir Kahlon

Personal Trainer

"Mark got a wonderful team and it's just well worth the money spent"

Brad Ansombe

Personal Trainer

"100% I would recommend this to anyone

Derek Tun

Personal Trainer

The internship is for you if…

The internship is NOT for you if…


Take Your Training and Nutrition Knowledge to an Elite Level and Fast-Track Your Success

Are you ready to learn the exact systems, secrets, and principles that produce champion athletes, fitness competitors, bodybuilders and everyday transformations that keep your clients excited to train with you (and keep paying you month after month)?

*Act now before you miss out

P.S. Don’t forget… there’s career-altering nutrition and training skills to gain and literally nothing to lose. You’re protected by our risk-free 100% money back guarantee. So, what’s stopping you from joining hundreds of other PTs who are finally enjoying the lifestyle and career they wanted?

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Ready to run with the Wolfpack? Learn the sales, marketing, mindset and business skills you need to go from winning in the gym to winning at business.

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