I’m Mark Ottobre, founder of Enterprise Fitness

I Believe the More You Learn, the More You Earn

I started personal training in 2006 earning $16.75 an hour. Today, I run a seven-figure personal training business. The bridge from where I was to where I am now wasn’t built by luck or chance – it was knowledge. With the right support, you can master the fundamentals of training and nutrition, raise your business skills to an elite level, and enjoy the one-two punch of client results and money in the bank.

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Better Results,MORE CLIENTS

I’m Not Here to Reinvent the Wheel For You. I’m Here to Make It Spin Faster

You’re not here by chance.

Whether you’ve recently completed your personal training certificates or been in the industry for years, you’ve worked hard to get where you are. But there’s something missing, right?

Odds are you’re not getting the head-turning results you want for your clients (and that they want for themselves). Maybe you’re not attracting new clients consistently (it might even feel like nails on a chalkboard trying to sell yourself). And there are red flags in your current business model because you feel like you’re working so hard with next to nothing to show for it.

Here’s the harsh truth. If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting. The skills you need aren’t going to magically land in your lap. You’re likely at a crossroads in your career. And you’ve got two options. You can continue down the path of trial and error, struggle to land and hold onto clients, leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table or quit altogether…

Or, you can take advantage of the opportunity in front of you, walk a proven path to training, nutrition and business mastery, and learn from my team and I how to achieve head-turning client results with profit in the bank.

Who Am I to Make Such Bold Claims About?

the Roadmap to Success

My name is Mark Ottobre and I’ve been a personal trainer for almost 20 years.

Over that time, I’ve built my own PT studio, Enterprise Fitness, using in-the-trenches knowledge and experience. My team and I have trained 300+ first-place competitors as well as Commonwealth Games gold medallists, Olympians and even a former Prime Minister. I’ve authored a book on nutrition and body composition. I’m the host of a popular podcast series and YouTube Show ‘The Wolf’s Den’. And I’ve gone from earning $16.75/hour to an annual turnover of more than $2 million.

With all that said, I’m not here to teach you the basics of being a PT. You already have that foundation.

I’m here to take your skills and advance them to an elite level. Whether you’re looking to improve your training and nutrition, or build a high-earning PT business, I’ve poured decades of experience and real-world lessons into the Enterprise Fitness Academy so you have a roadmap to achieve your goals.

*No hard sell. Endless potential

Enterprise Fitness Academy Was Built to Help You Advance Your Career and Business

First, take a look at my journey to see why I’m so confident I have the roadmap you need…

The Fat Kid

My love affair with health and fitness started in Year 9. Unhappy with my body at school, I picked up a dumbbell with the aim of changing how I looked and fell head over heels in love with weight training. I didn’t know where this new hobby would take me, but I knew I’d found my passion.



My First Bodybuilding Comp

After spending everyday after school working on my physique it was time to test myself. Entering my first bodybuilding competition was a hard yet rewarding experience. I had stuck to my diet, nailed my training, and stayed disciplined throughout my comp prep. And on the big day, on stage in front of everyone… I came dead last.

Certified at the Australian Institute of Fitness

Having taken to the stage in my first bodybuilding comp without the results I wanted, it was time to take my knowledge to the next level. Completing my Cert IV in fitness at the Australian Institute of Fitness, the goal was to turn my passion for training into a rewarding career. I was ready to get stuck in and start providing clients the type of guidance and coaching I wish I’d had up until now.



My Personal Training Career Begins

With big goals, I started as a personal trainer back in 2006… making $16.75 an hour. After 6 months of starting at 5am and finishing at 9pm, I was ready to call it quits. Instead, the club manager pulled me into his office and offered me an independent Business Owner contract to rent the floor rather than be an employee. At $1,100 a month, the rent was more than my monthly income! But, sold on the opportunity, I took a leap of faith.

The Alpha Body

I started my first online training business – The Alpha Body. As a pioneering personal development program for young men, The Alpha Body combined personal training, lifestyle coaching, and mentoring to help clients achieve their personal and professional goals. I’d had the all-too-common PT vision of building an online business – long before membership sites blew up, so I was learning on the go and figuring it out as I went along.



The Truth About Supplements

I published my first eBook – The Truth About Supplements. A two-part eBook series covering they why, what and how to take health and sports supplementation. I was proud and excited to have the forward written by world-renowned nutritionist, health expert and author, Dr. Johnny Bowden.

Back to the Australian Institute of Fitness

A year of change, I left the big box gym to work in a local hardcore bodybuilding gym and hone my craft. Coming full circle, I also came back to the AIF and started teaching with the goal of cutting through common industry B.S. I was privileged to help shape countless PTs over my 18 months teaching… until I was fired. I’m not ashamed to admit that because I was let go for teaching content deemed “too advanced” by management. Leaving on good terms, AIF management encouraged me to run my own courses instead which planted a seed.



My First Seminar

Disappointed to leave behind good friends and good people at the AIF, the knowledge that my approach was helping elevate future PTs helped shape my next steps. With a call to Greg Cassar (the world-renowned growth hacker, marketer and coach – as well as friend), I started my first seminar program, ‘Eat Your Way to Abs’. What started as a small nutrition program grew into a two-day event with guest speakers and attendees flying in from all round Australia.

Kicked Out of the Gym

In a repeat of the Australian Institute of Fitness scenario, my advanced approach to training ruffled feathers. I won’t beat around the bush, fragile egos were hurt after my success as a trainer saw me charging what I was worth for consultations and being trusted for my advice and recommendations. Although my clients jumped at the chance to learn from me, management felt threatened and I was kicked out of the gym.



The Mecca of Australian Bodybuilding

Having been kicked out of my previous gym, I realised my head-turning results meant my client base would move wherever I went. I also knew I wanted to work at Dohertys Gym in Brunswick – the mecca of Australian bodybuilding, from the moment I stepped foot through the doors. Having gone to Tony Doherty for bodybuilding advice half a decade ago, I called him up and asked, “Can I start personal training at Dohertys?” The interview process was a coffee, a handshake and no B.S. My success here as a contest prep coach meant I soon grew a team of three to keep up with the demand from clients.

Enterprise Fitness Studio Opens

Moving on from Dohertys was a difficult decision, but the demand from clients (locally, interstate and internationally) made me realise I’d soon need my own personal training studio. I had competed on stage, worked for peanuts in a big box gym, and seen first-hand the B.S. advice in the industry. Now, my own studio was a chance to deliver top-tier personal training for clients and elite athletes in a state-of-the-art high-performance facility. A massive year personally and professionally, I opened the doors to my own studio, Enterprise Fitness.



Ran my First Internship

With the studio officially open for business, I’d still been looking for a way to support trainers to grow their own PT businesses. Having seen first-hand the frustration that comes from crappy advice, my first official Internship program was the solution. With a focus on breaking down bad habits and rebuilding a foundation of proven nutrition and training principles, I had 12 students for the first ever enrollment – many of whom flew interstate to attend which blew me away.

Gold Rush

The success kept coming as my client, Andrew Moloney, won boxing gold at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, 2014. On a personal level, I became one of the handful of coaches in the world to receive the PICP Master Level 5 coach award from the Poliquin Group – the pinnacle strength coach certification.



Launch of Wolfpack

After the success of the Internship and the encouragement of a business coach, I launched a brand new trainer education program to help PTs build sustainable and high-paying businesses – Wolfpack. I decided to throw $50 into boosting a post on social media and quickly realised this program filled a gaping hole in the industry. 19 trainers invested in a $20k program to learn the business side of training (and all spots sold out within 5 days). Trainers flew in from around Australia to transform their approach to health and fitness – and transform their businesses too.

A Proud Australian First

Enterprise Fitness became the first personal training studio in Australia to be quality accredited by Fitness Australia (now AusActive). This reinforced what I’d been seeing every day in the studio, that we were setting the industry standard for improving client health and wellbeing. With more awards and accreditations than I could fit on the walls, more members and trainers joined which meant more services, education and results.



The Brand New Wolfpack

The chaos of the pandemic on the fitness industry meant major change for the course I offered. Enterprise Fitness Studio survived, but Wolfpack was severely savaged. I couldn’t run our face-to-face events and the trainers who trusted our courses weren’t able to work. But in every tragedy there’s a silver lining. COVID helped us launch the new Enterprise Fitness Academy and a brand new Wolfpack program.

An Exciting New Chapter

A dream realised! Starting an exciting new chapter (literally), I released my first book – The Enterprise Diet: Secrets of Long-Term Body Transformation, to share what I’ve learned about nutrition over the past two decades. I am also beyond proud to have opened a new, state-of-the-art training facility which feels like the culmination of decades of hard work, sweat and even a few tears. Although the success of Enterprise Fitness has meant we’ve grown from me (and my dream) to a team of 15+, what I’m most proud of is the impact we continue to have on people’s lives every single day.


Enterprise Fitness Academy may look like a way to support individual PTs ready to take the next step in their careers and lives… but that only tells half the story.

My goal is to raise the standards of personal training across the industry. I want to make it impossible for bad trainers to exist by offering a new, high-level educational benchmark for all trainers – which helps you guide your clients towards their life-changing goals.

Whether you’re looking to become a more confident trainer on the gym floor, master your nutrition and supplement knowledge, adopt a successful mindset, or transform your business from top to bottom, the Enterprise Fitness Academy is your ticket to get where you want to go.

*No hard sell. Endless potential

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