Wolfpack Alpha is a program exclusively designed for trainers looking to be The Alpha of their domain.

It’s for those trainers who wish to lead the pack and have the utmost commitment to excellence in personal training.

This is the absolute highest level of the Wolfpack program; Wolfpack Alpha is your only opportunity to work one-on-one with Mark Ottobre. You can expect to be challenged and epic amounts of growth.

Being a member of Wolfpack Alpha means that you and other high level Alphas get special closed door ‘Alpha Only’ private coaching days with Mark. These sessions are intimate, intense and leave with the clarity you need to take your business to that next level.

In addition to the 5 Alpha Only Days, you will also be given private fortnightly coaching calls from Mark himself. Getting this kind of regular coaching from Mark (where he will set you tasks and ‘CEO’ your business with you) is priceless. Mark has not only built a very successful personal training business for himself, but has also helped many others reach their business and personal goals. Now it’s your chance to receive Mark’s help and skyrocket your own sales and personal growth so that you can reach your full potential as a personal trainer and entrepreneur.

Wolfpack Alpha is strictly limited to 8 of our best and most serious students.

As part of Alpha, you also get one of those really-really-really cool leather jackets!

(And some other special stuff that you only find out about when you join)
To learn more about Alpha contact us now at [email protected]



Annette Shepherd

“The Alpha days have given us extra insight into Mark the family man/successful business owner/amazing
coach and getting fortnightly one on one coaching calls have been exactly what we needed.
It’s allowed me to be the person I need and want to be to handle the challenges we face
as business owners, a new family and growing our team.”


My students have tears of gratitude when talking about Wolfpack and what it’s done for them. I get random calls and messages of gratitude from my students just to ‘thank me’. It’s been surreal.

Students Try To Describe Wolfpack in 3 Words

So I’m suiting up in this immaculate tailor made and hand-crafted Oscar Hunt suit. Setting a standard that simply others cannot set, teaching it in a way that others simply cannot teach, to raise the standards of an industry that has had its name dragged through the mud by hacks.

I’m suiting up. Are you? Time to step up or step down.

Wolfpack is here.