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Backbend (Lumbar extension)


A backbend is a quick, easy test to see if someone has a healthy back, ready to deadlift. Many office workers and general population clients are setting themselves up for blowing a disc picking up a piece of paper let alone a bar. Hence, there should be both a screening and preparation phase to ensure injury-free training.


Standing, hands on hips, client bending back as comfortable far as possible will tell you how tight someone’s multifidus is. Multifidus is the muscle that allows the spine to move freely. If constantly contracted, the spine can’t move freely, putting more stress on the vertebrae its self.


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If the client can’t move past 10 degrees, they should not be allowed to deadlift and should use caution in picking anything up. For a client like this, the intervention is backbends for reps of 20 multiple times a day. The aim would be at least 200 reps daily for a period of at least 2 months. While we don’t need our client’s heads touching the floor with a backbend (unless they’re in the circus) their eyeballs should be able to look at the roof while keeping their head neutral.


To get better at backbends you need to do more backbends. Programming; For clients who score poorly, 10 sets of 20 reps daily. For maintenance clients, 3 sets of 20 reps before a workout. Watch the full video for more.   Mark Ottobre Wolfpack