The Right Marketing Is The Key That Unlocks The Doors To The Right Clients

Most trainers are happy if they become ‘fully booked’ which is something that average marketing can help you achieve. However, it’s GREAT marketing will get you ‘fully booked’ with ONLY the clients you actually want to coach and enjoy training.

Marketing is a key area in any business that needs to be activity worked on, yet so many business’ simply don’t understand the difference between ‘marketing’ and “their market’.

The way you will learn marketing in Wolfpack will change the way you look at business PERIOD.

It was once said, if you could invent a better mousetrap, people would come flocking to buy it.

Sadly, someone did invent a better mousetrap, people didn’t buy it. Why?

Because without positioning your service, products and ideas to those that need it and communicating it in terms of their values, people will be happy doing the same old thing.

This is why as trainers, understanding marketing is so important.

Who’s It For?

Personal trainers and coaches who…

  • Want to grow and scale their business.
  • Feel invisible when it comes to marketing themselves and their business.
  • Want to expand and generate leads so they are like water coming out of a fire hose!
  • Never want to worry again about where their next client will come from.
  • Are confused about how to best market their business (and are sick of seeing less qualified trainers steal their customers)!
  • Want to have a strong community of clients for themselves and their staff.
  • Want to spend more time focusing on what they do best; training, and therefore learn how to market in a time effective and practical way.
  • Are sick of their potential clients being lied to and lead to buy diet shakes and programs that we all know as trainers don’t work.

Who’s It NOT For?

Personal trainers and coaches who…

  • Aren’t committed to their business and or mastering the craft of personal training.
  • Will say anything to make a quick buck.
  • Have no interest in backing up their claims.
  • Are looking for a get rich quick scheme.
  • Don’t want to work.
  • Won’t implement and act on new ideas and advice.
  • Want it done ‘for them’ (if you want to master business you first need to do the work and learn)
  • Just want to be ‘InstaFamous’ (we have no interest in making you famous unless it adds to your bottomline).

What you’ll learn..

  • How to attract the type of clients and members that you want to and
    love working with.
  • How to discover and determine your niche.
  • The psychology behind making your marketing effective
  • How to generate leads at will.
  • How to best market yourself within your gym.
  • How to maximize Facebook and social media to win big.
  • What to do when it comes to website marketing and how to capture leads.
  • How to make Google work for you.
  • How to be known through your results (and let that be your
    best marketing)