How To Navigate an Nutritional Minefield as a Trainer

For Trainers, nutrition is an enormous topic. From how much guidance a trainer can give, to what kind of advice should they actually give. From general clients, to comp prep clients, to athletes.

There is so much to know and so much to be confused about.

On one hand; your clients are paying you to train them. And on the other hand, if you don’t at least have the ‘nutrition chat’, the likelihood of your clients getting head turning results that builds your reputation as a trainer is a snow balls chance in hell!

As part of Wolfpack, we dedicate a number of classes on how to do nutrition right for your clients.

Nutrition is as much about the ‘content’ you give, as it is in the ‘context’ you give it in.
You could have the best nutrition knowledge in the world BUT it will not help in producing real results for your clients unless you know how to effectively communicate it in a way they understand!

So answer honestly; do your clients get results? Like real results?

Do they take your advice seriously… and stick to it?

At Enterprise, we have exact systems in place to ensure that we produce results (you’ve seen our hundreds upon hundreds of transformations, right?)

You will learn real world, practical and effective things to say and do with your clients that produce results. Period.

You will learn all the technical compounds to make you a powerhouse of knowledge, but more importantly; you will learn how to effective inspire your clients so they get results- even when they feel like giving up.

If you have ever heard Mark in consult, you’ve probably heard he doesn’t pull any punches and loves the client enough to tell them the hard truth; but he is masterful at it, so it’s always delivered at the right time, in the right way. A part of learning nutrition in Wolfpack is learning how to influence a person’s behaviour in a positive way. Something that Mark is a true master at.

Learning a skill like this, from a master like Mark, is in itself, worth the price of admission!

Who’s It For?

Personal trainers and coaches who…

  • Are sick of feeling frustrated with their clients who won’t follow the plan.
  • Want to be able to easily answer their clients questions around nutrition.
  • Want to be effective communicators, so their clients are inspired to make lifelong changes.
  • Are ready to gain a better understanding of nutrition and how it relates to getting actual results for their clients.
  • Are serious about making a real name for themselves as a coach to champion competitors, athletes and clients who achieve outstanding body transformations.
  • Are sick of hearing about gimmicks and fads, yo-yo dieting and methodologies that MIGHT work.

Who’s It NOT For?

Personal trainers and coaches who…

  • Are looking for quick fixes or shortcuts.
  • Would prefer to follow a one size fits all, cookie cutter kind of approach to nutrition.
  • Don’t want to think for themselves.
  • Believe they already know ‘enough’ and have all the answers.

What you’ll learn..

  • What optimal nutrition REALLY looks like.
  • How to structure your clients plans so that they get results easy
    and effortlessly.
  • Principles to teach clients to achieve long lasting, sustainable results.
  • Nutritional myths and lies that keep your clients fat… Exposed! (and teaching you how to explain it to your clients).
  • How to effectively communicate changes to suit any client from general population to elite level athletes.
  • An insight into how we have successfully prepped 100’s of clients to the stage (pre and post comp for competitors).
  • How to effectively coach behaviours that produce outcomes.