Unlock The Potential To Give More Value To Your Clients AND Be Rewarded For It

We get it.

You become a personal trainer because you love training, coaching and helping people transform their bodies. You didn’t get into this industry for a love of sales.

In fact, you may even find the thought of sales absolutely terrifying. But once you created your personal training business, you realized that sales were unavoidable.

We hate seeing trainers let sales or business get in the way of their success. Our sales training is not just the gold standard in the fitness industry, it’s sought after from other industries. Get the systems and knowledge that has helped build several six figure trainers and seven figure businesses.

You will learn directly from a sales and communication master who has not only sold millions in personal training packages and courses, but also taught others to sell and make money doing what they love. Not to mention, he does it all with a coaches flair that is rarely found.

Many of the students that Mark has taught have actually gone on to ‘outdo’ Mark in sales; something he’s very proud of. He has taken people with literally NO sales experience and taught them how to sell up to $9,0000 dollars worth of personal training in just one phone call!

But don’t worry, Mark doesn’t only teach phone sales, he will cover all elements of sales, whether it be face to face, phone, or simply setting an appointment.

We could teach you Facebook ads and how to market your business more effectively (yes you will learn this too) BUT first you need to understand sales. After all, what’s the point in getting a whole lot of leads if you have no idea how to convert any of them?

Who’s It For?

Personal trainers and coaches who…

  • Fear sales. There’s no other way to say it. Deep down you hate the thought of selling but you know it’s getting in the way of you taking your business to the next level.
  • Who are sick of undercharging themselves and want to finally earn what they feel their worth.
  • Would like to earn more for their hour while being able to give more to their clients.
  • Want to learn a sales system that is so easy that it gives you confidence to sell every new prospect.
  • Want to learn how to approach sales seamlessly.
  • Who sometimes stumble when they are faced with objections.
  • Want to know what to say when a potential client says “I need to think about it”… (but you know that they need you and your coaching is right for them).
  • Want to learn a teachable method of selling and objection handling that they can train their staff to use in the future.

Who’s It NOT For?

Personal trainers and coaches who…

  • Aren’t ready to step up and face their sales fears.
  • Who have too many excuses about why they need to stay in their comfort zone and not grow.
  • Don’t want to offer more value to their clients
  • Do NOT want to make more money

What you’ll learn..

  • The art of approaching, communicating and selling to potential clients.
  • How to change your mindset around sales and slay your sales fears
    for good!
  • Sales ‘Inner and Outer Game’ and how to become a Master.
  • How to package up your services in a way that will supercharge your clients results and supercharge your bank account. (Mark has had students who’ve immediately doubled, tripled, or as some students have, increased their income by 10 times just from making this change!)
  • How sales ISN’T a dirty word and we will teach you why.
  • How to ‘sell’. Not just your service, but your ideas.
  • A systemised sales script and approach that anyone can learn that works
    (like, really works!)
  • How to become a magnetic sales force selling face to face and over
    the phone
  • How to incinerate and handle ANY objection easily and simply.
  • How to effectively track your sales to ensure steady growth.
  • Ongoing sales coaching to ensure that all of your questions
    are answered.
  • Why a great sales conversation is the same as a great coaching conversation and will change someone’s life.
  • How to have fun selling (Yes! Sales can be fun!)

The word ‘Sales’ made me feel uneasy. I hated the salesy PT but thankfully Wolfpack helped me sharpen up my delivery and questioning skills so that sales happened more naturally for us. We went from having only a few thousand dollars to pay for Wolfpack to having the entire program paid for in full by February 2016

Annette Shepherd