The Truth About What Your Clients Think About Supplements

Your clients will ask you questions about supplements.

Do you know the right answers?

The world of supplements can be confusing. So allow us to simplify it for you. Supplements are a lot more than just protein powders and fat burner pills.

In fact, personal trainers who are in the know will assess a client’s sleep, digestion, recovery, energy levels and concentration. From here they will understand that the correct supplementation protocols can help to support a client’s health and wellbeing. But there’s a catch…

That’s only if they get it right. Of course, if they get it wrong, clients will be simply wasting their money and time!

Needless to say, if you want to be an industry leader and be known as a coach who produces head-turning results, then you want to be in the know when it comes to supplementation.

And you don’t get this kinda mastery from just anyone!

This why, even before the first class officially begins your granted access to Bob Guiel’s The Human Alphabet Course, which is 22 hours long AS A BONUS!

Bet this is only where class begins!

Who’s It For?

Personal trainers and coaches who…

  • Are ready to study and learn… AND take their expertise to a totally new dimension, where your clients and peers will just look at you like… “how’d did they know that!”
  • Want to be that coach who everyone looks up to because they can answer all of those tricky, “no one ever knows the answer to this” kind of questions about supplementation with ease.
  • Want to learn about all of those sexy biochemistry and supplementation topics in relation to getting clients real results (without the boring stuff!). This way, if a client asks “why”, you can actually explain it to them with real science and not ‘bro science’.
  • Want to gain a superior understanding of the human body to that of all other trainer. You’ll gain confidence in knowing the ins and outs of the bodies functions as well as how exactly this will affect your clients and their body composition.
  • Are wondering how to take the hand breaks off their clients getting the results they want.
  • Intend on building relationships with other practitioners such as naturopaths and doctors to encompass a holistic approach to their clients health and results. Which will ultimately lead to you being a sought after trainer who ‘gets it’.

Who’s It NOT For?

Personal trainers and coaches who…

  • Want to play doctor and advise on things they’re not qualified to.
  • Will call themselves ‘functional medicine practitioners’.
  • Suggest supplements before addressing the client’s nutritional and training needs
  • Just want to sell supplements using software.

What you’ll learn..

  • All the important stuff you need to know about biochemistry and supplementation to keep you at the top of your game and to be an industry leader.
  • The intricacies of the human body from digestion to the brain, to the immune system.
  • How the body excretes toxins and how this relates to your clients getting
    crazy lean.
  • The A to Z of supplementation. Once you see this, the way you think about supplementation will change forever!
  • What supplements to take for who and when.
  • Understanding how specific health issues can limit your clients results (and what you can do as a trainer to support them)
  • What supplements to use to maximise health and performance
  • Understanding how, when and what vitamins, minerals and amino acids work to creating head turning results.
  • How herbs can fast track clients results.
  • How certain minerals can assist in factors like sleep and recovery so that your clients can get the most out of their training.
  • How certain amino acids can influence recovery and
    brain function.