Don’t Be That Trainer That the Other Trainers Laugh At

As Trainers, 90% of what we do is Training!

So shouldn’t we all be staying ahead of the curve?

Unfortunately, many trainers will complete their basic certificates or do a couple of courses, or worse, compete in a bodybuilding or powerlifting comp and think they know everything there is to know about training. To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail. If you box your thinking into one modality as a trainer; you will begin to see all your clients as what you have chosen to identify yourself with.

Excellence believes in having many teachers and mentors but few guru’s.

Our approach to training is always about putting the client first and meeting them where they’re at to ensure a long and prosperous relationship. We do this whilst using the tools from every modality including Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, Strongman, Weightlifting (and perhaps even the rare idea from CrossFit).

Any ordinary trainer can take a client through a ‘session’. The thing is though; great trainers don’t just think about ‘the session’. A great trainer will think about the outcome- and in order to do that you must understand and be a master of programming.

Before programming for a new client, you need to effectively screen them and understand their actual starting point. Not the starting point of what they bragged about to their friends after a couple of beers or wines! An objective screening process that you (and your staff) can use time and time again to sort the men from the boys and the girls from the women.

From that initial screening process you can then safely and effectively develop your clients first phase. Phases of training usually last 4 weeks, depending on the client’s progress. The important thing here is; a masterful trainer knows how to progress or regress any exercise or program to lead the client to outstanding performance and results.

You don’t just want your clients to be like ‘Christmas trees’ and ‘just look good’ (but serve no other purpose). You want them to look and train like powerhouses in the gym, lifting weights that impress other members and have people ask them “are you an athlete or something?”

It’s this that sets a master trainer a part from the wannabes! trainer a part from the wannabes!

Who’s It For?

Personal trainers and coaches who…

  • Want to learn how to produce world-class results with a diverse range of clients, from the everyday gym-goer to gold medalist athletes.
  • Are ready to take their knowledge about training, programming and periodisation to the next level.
  • Want to be able to program and periodise training for any type of client.
  • Want to attract clients who are results focused and want to train ‘right’ to produce an outcome.
  • Want to be known as “the one” at their gym.

Who’s It NOT For?

Personal trainers and coaches who…

  • Aren’t open to being coached and willing to take their experts hat off.
  • Are after quick and easy shortcuts (at the cost of their clients best-long term interests).
  • Don’t want to train hard (there will be hands-on, gruelling workouts throughout the training courses!)

What you’ll learn..

  • The exact systems, secrets and principles that produce champion athletes, fitness competitors and bodybuilders.
  • How to structure your clients programs so they get results
    (and you look like a genius).
  • How to effectively conduct a Structural Balance Test and screen your new clients so that it will leave your clients turning to you as the expert.
  • How to best program for the majority of your clients, the general population.
  • How to ensure that your clients stay injury free and have maximum mobility to ensure long-term results.
  • How to be well versed (like a ninja) in various training styles: including training for muscle gain, strength, athletes and body transformations.
  • Program writing for long-term results with periodisation.
  • Principles that NEED to be applied to ALL clients.
  • How to get your clients to keep optimal form every rep.
  • How to prep clients successfully.