Wolf’s Den

Welcome to the show that entertains and educates, welcome to the Wolfs Den!

My name is Mark Ottobre and I hope you enjoy my Wolfs Den. I make these episodes for the love of education, storytelling and great conversations.  If you enjoy them, please share them on social media. The Wolfs Den is currently a passion project so your support is appreciated- and the best way to support the show is to subscribe to us on YouTube and iTunes and share it on social media.

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Episode 11 – David O’Brien


Episode 10 – Ben Cant

Episode 9 – Jake Carter


Episode 8 – Ed Coan

Episode 7 – Dan Garner


Episode 6 – Ben Pakulski

Episode 5 – Sebastian Oreb

Episode 4 – Eugene Teo

Episode 3 – Lucky Hatzipantelis

Episode 2 – Andrew Lock

Episode 1 – Tony Doherty