“I was so frustrated that I’d just missed the Wolfpack that year!”

Finding your passion and then going with it isn’t always easy. This week, Wolfpack student, David Coyne, shares his transition from a hospitality and management role to being personal trainer in the fitness industry.
Moving from Ireland to Melbourne 11 years ago, it wasn’t always easy…

“The role that I left… it was the biggest salary that I’ve ever had, biggest role as well… But I wasn’t satisfied. I was mentally burn out from spending so much time in the office, staying late when everyone has already gone back… And it just couldn’t go on.

The first year in my personal training role, I had a massive drop in salary, and I was working three jobs to supplement my income. I was working as much as hours – probably more – than I was in my management role. But I was loving it!”

Unlike his long transition into the personal training industry, making the decision to sign up for Wolfpack was easy – it only took a split second!

“The call that Mark had with me was probably the easiest. I was just like ‘yep, I’m signing up’. Money, travelling distance, time… not an issue

Jeremy was always raving about how amazing Mark’s Wolfpack course was, and I was so frustrated that I’d just missed it that year. So I kept my eyes out for the next recruitment.

Immediately after signing up, I went onto the Wolfpack Site, and there was all these resources that I could apply right away. I’ve always kept my business practices organised and structured, but this was a whole other level. Seeing how Mark runs Enterprise… just wow.

I’ve learnt that personal training is a do-with process, not a do-to process. Learning what motivates my clients, knowing the right questions to ask, how to connect with them… I’ve been able to help my clients achieve so much more!”

And opinions about Mark?

“He’s very… real. It’s easy to see why so many people look up to him. He doesn’t shy away from difficult situations. And you trust someone who’s so willing to open up and show their vulnerable side. He’s very open about his business and how it affects him personally.

Especially when his father passed during a Wolfpack event… I will never forget how he composed himself when it happened. It was a very inspirational moment.”

With only one more course left for Wolfpack 2017, David is already planning to sign up for Wolfpack 2018, and further his learning with Mark!

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