I Now Have The Capacity To Be Selective About My Clients

I’ve dissociated myself as the ‘boot camp fitness-y’ guy who had to live paycheck-to-paycheck, to someone who gets referrals and enquiries from people who want to train with me

I don’t put up posters,
I don’t have business cards,
I don’t do cold calling.

I’ve grown my business by doing nothing of what the other PTs are doing. 

– Fabian D’Amore

When Mark asked me to write down my goals at the start of the year for 2016 this is what I wrote:

What I want out of Wolfpack:

To become more like you… but more me than you..
Like a new breed of Mark but, X Fabian
…But with Fabian being the prominent breed with features of Mark
Kidding. Sort of… Not really.

Seriously, I want to become a great person.
Great at not being perfect, but great at being a role model and inspiring others.
A master at what I do, a Master at understanding people.

From watching movies and reading so many books, I love the ones with character that has so much depth to them. Reading the Tomorrow When The War Began series in grade 2, I realized I wanted to be the person who others depend upon, or at least know they can come to as the wise one, the one who would have an answer or at least the smarts and ability to work it out.

Nothing is ever as it seems…and I want to be the guy who has so much more to him than what meets the eye.
The guy who has the initiative of being a master in his field, but also represents excellence in other areas.
Who can be thrown into a crowd of people and relate to them all, but in a stand out type of way, NOT to fit in.

I love being able to spit out knowledge when the time is right and have people around me shocked at it and ask me “how the hell do you know that?!”.

I envision myself at 30 as not just being financially well off and having a successful businesss, but also having a wide spread reputation. I think of the likes of Harvey Spector, Christian Gray, Bruce Wayne… Because they are portrayed as being so successful in their area but they have so many other secret aspects in their life and so many layers in what makes them who they are.

Success is built upon many hardships and can be defined in so many different ways.

But I am hungry for it.

Throughout the last 3 years I have been immersed in so many different mentors, books, seminars, YouTube videos podcasts…

I now need to continually further refine who I am and what needs to be done to ensure that I am excelling down the right pathway.

I’ve been learning so much and I love it. 
If I’m not learning something, I get irritable. 
I’m addicted to learning, probably too much as I focus on what else I can learn, rather than refining how I can best apply and implement my knowledge.

I want to be a guy who has so much more to him, who can play the guitar and piano, speak Italian fluently, be a great cook, write poetry, have meaningful conversations in politics or religion… 
But I’ve set too many goals, and I realized I wasn’t following through with a lot of them.

I wasn’t truly, passionately giving 100% to some of the things that I was doing…
Barely even 60% if I was to compare against my full potential.

I needed to set concrete intentions and goals, and reverse engineer them better.
I needed to be consistent and follow through with my actions.
I needed accountability.

When I first joined Wolfpack, hearing other members who charged $70-80 per session, I thought, “Wow, these people are so, so far beyond me. I will never charge that much!”. It scared me thinking how I could ever charge that much and deliver enough value…
Oh, how times have changed…

I went from the person who watched Suits all night, studying what made Harvey Spector so damn good (I literally did this one New Year’s Eve) to someone who was selling packages worth $1000’s, something I never thought I would have the skill to execute, or even do without feeling like I was being a rip off.

And in between, I’ve learnt so much about myself.

Like how I was self-sabotaging myself by denying myself of my own worth.

At one point, I was not increasing my prices when I knew I should have, causing resentment to build up within myself because I felt like I was being paid discounted service for my knowledge and value.

Or when I was working 50 PT sessions a week, and could have gotten a trainer under me, but I was too focused on my own objections, on why I couldn’t, on why I wasn’t up to standards as a person and a business owner.
Now I know I am.

I’ve learnt to become more confidence in myself, value my own worth and respect myself. And by doing so, I’ve increased my Financial Thermostat to levels above what I dreamed of.

I declared that 2016 was going to be my year, and it has been.

As 2016 came to an end, and Alpha Wolfpack was introduced, I wanted to join but thought there would be no chance I would even pay off half of it…

Guess what? I paid it off by the end of 2016.
Keep surprising myself, really. When I put my mind to something, I know anything is possible.

I’m proud of how I’ve grown my business. By basically doing nothing of what other PTs do so much of.

I don’t put up posters,
I don’t have business cards,
I don’t do cold calling,
And I don’t walk the floor.

90% of people I have signed up have been referrals or inquiries from people on Facebook.


I’ve dissociated myself as the ‘boot camp fitness-y’ guy who had to live paycheck-to-paycheck, to someone who has the capacity to fire clients who were toxic to my business.

I am firm on my business and values, and the respect I require to be given to continue working with someone. 
I make it clear as much as I value my clients, and my purpose is being of best service to them. I do it for a living, and I would rather refuse their business than accept things that don’t align with my values.

I declared that 2016 was going to be my year.. and it was. 2017 was even better. 

One thing I’ve been reflecting on deeply is that from learning more and more about Mark.
 He is and became successful from being himself. 
Not anybody else or who he thought he needed to be.

My mission is to empower and love who I am, 
and I will become exactly who I am destined to be.

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