Thank you Charles | 5 Things I learnt From Charles Poliquin

It’s been a sad week for strength coaches around the world. Many of us lost a mentor, Charles Poliquin.

Charles had been a great mentor to me and has greatly influenced the way Enterprise operates and trains its members.

This week, I re-released a podcast we did back in 2014 to remember Charles and paid homage to our Strength Sensei with this video, the 5 best things I learnt from Charles Poliquin.

You will be missed.

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Transcript From Thank you Charles | 5 Things I learnt From Charles Poliquin video

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Health and fitness coaches, strength coaches around the world. It’s been a very sad week for us losing a true legend in the field. Charles Poliquin I know for me, Charles Poliquin came visit, visited enterprise a number of times and I got to speak privately number of times and he had a great impact on my career, so I wanted to make this video just to review I suppose pay homage to the Great Charles Poliquin and the five biggest lessons that I’ve learned from child’s. So starting with number one, probably the first one was a tempos and just when he wrote four zero, one zero on a program and you were fortunate enough to train in the presence of child’s, you know, he would. He would make sure that you were, you were doing that exactly that tempo and there was no deviation from that. Four seconds really meant for seconds, not 30 seconds on five seconds, four seconds, and he would absolutely kick your ass if you did not get four seconds down.

So that was a big one because it’s a little thing, but implemented across training all the way around it. It had a massive, massive impact in terms of, uh, you know, the training effect and it, I suppose it does impact all programming. The next one for me, it was quite a big one that I learned from Charles Poliquin was screening and screening procedures. Now I don’t use all of the screening procedures that I learned from Charles Poliquin Insight PICP level one and level two, but certainly set, for example, the classic test, the overhead squat test that great. And I mean the point being is screening and all your programming really does start with screening and I really did learn that from Charles Poliquin and how to implement that and how to make that, I suppose flow on from a programming perspective. So that was a big one. The third one is, I suppose his introduction to the world of supplements now.

I was already using supplements prior to meeting shells, but you know, getting into the White Charles Poliquin, you know, for example, the Bio Sig, uh, and uh, he did protocols. That was, I suppose, how would you explain it? Jumping off a cliff and free falling on the way down it. Some of the stuff that child’s did, obviously, you know, he was very aggressive in terms of supplementation doses, you know, I remember some of his protocols with connotation and stuff and drove me vp because my tolerance was nowhere near. You know, what he could do and that kind of stuff. But the point being is he had some really a pioneering ideas in the world of supplementation and some stuff that worked was say questionable or risky for that fact. You know, some of the dosage just say with fish oil for example, they were very aggressive and for some people that got yielded some great results, but he did a couple a lot of flack from that.

But the point is he was willing to dare willing to try something and see and some people did get an absolutely phenomenal results. Did it work for everyone? Probably not, but it certainly taught me a lesson to take risks or to take chances and suppose hedge your bets and not necessarily just rely on what the research telling you, but what you as a practitioner and practitioner pills and from that, you know, I, I’ve certainly developed a lot of things that I’ve noticed to have work that might not have research articles behind them, but they work and that’s the, that’s the thing that you want. So that was a big one, a fourth being the bio signature. Now the signature is an amazing tool and that contribution, we call it bio signature, bioprint metabolic, whatever analysis is an absolutely amazing tool and the ability to correlate what’s happening from a helicopter view of hormonally to what’s happening with body fat.

Is it the same as getting blood work? No, but the beauty is you don’t need to get blood work every week to see some of these changes. And was there correlation? Absolutely. So the more I did buy a signature on my Dubai signature, I should say, or we’ll buy a print or metabolic analytics, take your pick. That’s really his founding idea. And did he, was these original idea? No, he took from, from people and even back in the 19 fifties, but to put it in a tool that gave trainers and strength coaches around the world, uh, I suppose the ability to measure someone’s body fat via skin fold and correlate what’s happening for me, the impact that it had in changing competitors physiques and doing their comps. Man, I tell you, I got so much better results with my competitors through using that analysis than from not.

And that was, that was a big one. I would say that was game changing for me. Absolutely. And finally, the last one that I learned from Charles Poliquin is around money and wealth. And, and simply, you know, I remember the first concert I did with Charles Poliquin, it cost me a thousand bucks for the hour. And I remember I had people in the gym that I was at at the time who made fun of me for, for spending that thousand bucks. I mean, but look where I am now, I own Melbourne’s premier personal training gym, you know, we’re renowned around the world. We’ve had people from all over the world fly in, but it was an investment in Charles Poliquin Thousand Bucks to say, you know, kid, um, this is where you can be one day. This is, this is, this is the example, this is, this is the guy to follow.

Um, this is where the leaders are at. This is what you can make great, you can make a great living, and I’m doing what you love and giving great service and value. Maybe one day Charles Poliquin said, you know, lawyers judges a lot of money for their time and they don’t necessarily always do the right thing by people and we’re not fucking lawyers. So, you know, we, we actually help people kind of Charles Poliquin. Why is that? He does things. So that was amazing. So on behalf of the whole strength training community trainers around the world, Charles Poliquin, you’ve, you’ve done a lot for the industry and uh, thank you. I had booked into November in Australia, unfortunately, obviously, um, or get to see you in person. That one last time, which is a real shame because I was looking forward to it. But, uh, if you want an interview that I did with Charles Poliquin back in 2014, which funnily enough, all the questions I asked him was about his legacy, check that out. That’s on our itunes is also on soundcloud or just go to the personal trainer mentoring site, which is the wolf pack website to download that one. And so obviously subscribe to us on itunes. I’ve interviewed Tony Dowdy, Andrew Locke, Charles Poliquin. I just rereleased that one so you can check that out. But hope you liked this video. If you’re more great tips from me or from us to make sure you hit like on the facebook and subscribe to us on Youtube too. Next time folks, train hard, supplement smart and eat well.


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