There’s no PT that couldn’t benefit from this

George was a personal trainer at a small personal training studio in Sydney and couldn’t seem to get ahead.  


It was like the harder he worked, the more he got cut down. Frustrated, he started looking at his options. 

That’s when he found me. On our first call, this is what I told him:

1. “You can keep doing the same thing and watch everyone else come to my course on Facebook, or..” 

2. “You can come to my course and I can give you the tools to move forward.” 

He hung up the phone telling me he would think about it. I thought, I will never hear from George again… Instead, true to his word, he called me up in a week, telling me he quit his job and had booked his flights to Melbourne for my Internship. 

The pressure was on to deliver! 

Safe to say, I did deliver. 

I helped George move from being uncertain out on his own to signing on with Fitness First and dominating his gym — to the point where he hired another trainer to cope with all the clients who wanted to train with him. (Check out the video above from the first Internship).

Recently, George re-sat my Internship and brought his trainer along. Safe to say,  he’s kicking massive goals. 

Want to be like George and get on the fast track to Personal Trainer success? 

Enrol in my Internship program today


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