Michael Pritchatt Tripled His Income in Personal Training

“My income has tripled, my [business] structure is down pat, I have more clients that I can handle. And I’ve taken that next step and opened my studio, because I got the education behind training, nutrition and business.”

Michael, like most trainers, was an army of one. Making sales, training clients, managing the marketing, all while trying to start a family in the midst of it all.

Michael was a successful solo trainer, yet he was stressed and overwhelmed. He found himself with too much to do, and not enough time to do it all. He knew he needed guidance, so he started looking for a mentor to help him – that’s when he found Mark Ottobre’s Wolfpack Program, which he decided to take part in.

With high values on growth, education and professionalism, Michael had his expectations blown away with Mark’s program which helped him grow month to month and drive his business to be more organised and profitable.

What’s more, Michael was able to repeatedly hit all his financial goals, including his first target of making $17k a month. In just one year, that number changed to $30k a month – a figure he never thought he would hit in 12 short months. Not long afterwards, he expanded his business by hiring 3 staff members to join his team and is now on track to hitting 7 figures. Michael has now been in the program going on 3 years.

“If you want to be in this industry for the long-term, and you want growth, wealth, the education platform and the support, learning from Mark is a no brainer.”



Note: The Wolfpack program has been upgraded and replaced by the Fitness Business Training course. Interested in levelling up too? Enquire today, or email [email protected] for early access to the new course.

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