Rob Clacher Levelled Up His Career in Personal Training

“Mark is a great mentor, he’s very humble in what he does, [and] he’s good to be around and learn off.”

Having been in the fitness industry for 7 years, moving back and forth between working at private studios to group fitness classes to big box gyms, Rob is now working as a personal trainer at Quintessential Health & Performance in Brisbane. He decided to take his career a step further by joining Wolfpack, Mark’s highly sought-after mentoring course.

Since taking part in Wolfpack, he has learned all the methods and strategies that has driven Mark’s business forward, which he has implemented to drive his own career forward. 

“I went in without too many expectations, and I’ve been blown away by how much extra there is. The added benefits and the extras you get out of it is value in itself.”

Rob’s two core values are connection and learning, both of which he has been able to improve on in Mark’s course. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals while learning from Mark allowed him to network, learn from and collaborate with all the other mentees, while up-skilling in training and nutrition. This helped him with massive shifts in both his business and his personal life.

“For someone who’s sitting on the fence not knowing whether to commit to Wolfpack, I’d encourage them to do it, because there’s a lot more to Wolfpack than actually meets the eye.”


Missed out on Wolfpack? Mark has developed the Fitness Business Certification by combining the best of Wolfpack. Enrolment opens soon with limited places, so secure your spot on the list here.

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