Finding your way as a Personal Trainer

This year marks the 15th year I’ve been a personal trainer. But it almost never happened… . Our school’s career councillor told me to pursue graphic design instead of fitness. A close friend told me, Personal Training is an over-saturated market and too competitive (this was in 2005). I told myself I would ruin my […]

Suit Up With Your Personal Trainer Mentor

i'm suiting up

People think they hustle, they work, they put in the time… but do they know what that really entails? I’m suiting up. I’m raising the stakes and raising the standards. It seems, to me, everyone who’s jumped into the ‘Personal Trainer Business Mentoring’ niche were never themselves great trainers or coaches. It took me over […]

Being A Leader VS Being A Boss

PT leadership

Are you leading your clients?   Personal Trainers! If you want to: Get client results Retain a large client base Maintain a long term profitable career There’s one simple fix, which will have a knock-on effect to your entire personal training business.  The answer is simple. Stop acting like a boss; Start being a leader. […]