Suit Up With Your Personal Trainer Mentor

People think they hustle, they work, they put in the time… but do they know what that really entails?

I’m suiting up.

I’m raising the stakes and raising the standards.

It seems, to me, everyone who’s jumped into the ‘Personal Trainer Business Mentoring’ niche were never themselves great trainers or coaches.

It took me over a decade to make the smallest dint.

I started at Genesis in Ringwood, getting up at 4:30am and getting home at 10pm – earning a very unimpressive $16.75 per hour.

I wanted to give up.

But I didn’t.

I moved to a local gym in Doncaster, I launched multiple online training sites: The Alpha Body, The Truth About Supplements (which had a foreword by best selling author Dr. Jonny Bowden), Eat Your Way to Abs and Maximus Mark.

Whist online I seemed ‘successful’… In fact In today’s lingo some would have called me a #hustler #entrepreneur – I was making the income of a chump that lived at home with his folks.

I wanted to give up. 

But I didn’t.

So I started writing.

I wrote for T-Nation, Muscle Mag, Natural Bodz Australia. I wrote for my own blog. I wrote eBooks. I wrote to clear my mind.

I started a podcast and had the opportunity to speak to the most amazing guests – my mentors. 

It was all in vain; no one cared.

Then the light bulb sparked up, and I thought, “What if I just focus on being a great trainer?”.

I gave everything to my clients. 

Janet Kane won more state titles than I can remember, four Australian titles, three INBA Olympia titles. This referred me to more competitors. They won, which referred me to more clients.

Janet Kane IFBB

Perfecting my craft, hour-by-hour, day-by-day, month-by-month, and year-by-year. I travelled for knowledge; 30-hour flights for 5 days seminars, no biggie. I’ll pay the price and travel the distance and never made excuses like education was ‘too expensive’. 

I started getting contacted from people wanting to work with me from interstate. As the demand for my services went up, I started to see a pattern.

Online training was bull  ????????????!!!

The harsh reality was: I couldn’t get the same results for my online clients as my face to face.

So I made it a requirement for all interstate clients to fly to see me. This brought more demand. I was getting at least 1 to 2 visits per week from online clients (this, by the way, was before before Instagram existed).

Greater demand still from interstate (and now overseas) clients gave me the push to start running seminars.

Seminars started with me begging 10 people to come to a seminar then quickly went to selling 40 people in a packed out hotel room with my eyes closed.

I got my first offer to fly to Adelaide to present a seminar. Then to Mackay. I now was paid handsomely for speaking gigs.

How the hell did this happen?

I was getting more business than I knew what to do with.

I was swamped with enquiries and requests. 

I couldn’t keep up, and to be honest, I was burnt out. Not from building the vision, but from trying keeping up with the demand I created. 

Trainers started to contact me for shadowing hours. My reputation locally was growing stronger by the day. The client demand was so high that I eventually gave these trainers jobs. 

Some of which are still with me to this day; 8-9 something years later!   

team training

I gave everything to my trainers; teaching them what I do;

The Training.

The Nutrition.

The Supplements.

The Programming.

How To Motivate.

… Everything.

They gave me back what I gave them, and my business grew.

Now I was at Doherty’s in Brunswick planning the move to my own studio. The day I opened was the day my studio was profitable. 

How is that even possible?

I planned.

I shovelled ????uphill for a decade.

I never stopped.

I learnt from my mistakes (and believe me, I made many).

But I focused on the main thing.


Wanting to prove myself still, and that I wasn’t JUST a “comp prep” coach but a legitimate Strength Coach I started training Boxers. Freddie Tukes, looking better in his 40’s than ever, won the Australian Title. This peaked Andrew Moloney’s interested. I started working with Andy prior to the Commonwealth Games. Andy won Gold (and now, he’s the World Champion!).

andrew moloney

Which leads me to an important point…

This industry is about results.

So after continuously achieving outstanding results for my clients, teaching my team how to deliver the same high-end results, systemising my studio so it operates smoothly without me – I THEN built my Personal Trainer Mentoring Program – Wolfpack.

Not before I did the hard work…

Not before I trained champions…

Not before I knew how to grow a profitable studio…


I made sure I had been through each step myself so I could be the best possible mentor to my students. I don’t have investors, no rich parents, partners or gurus.

No one pulls my strings.

What I have is me.

i'm suiting up

So I launched my mentorship in 2016 and it sold out in 5 days…

It’s now in its 5th year and after 5 years of running it… I still rewrite the entire program each year!  


Because I’m obsessed with Personal Training. 

Each year I want to do it better. I want to do it bigger. I want it to be more memorable. Have even more impact. 

I continue to refine it over and over again because running courses is my canvas which I paint with knowledge.

The ‘result’.. (that keyword, yet again!) Is I’ve had multiple students cry when they talk about Wolfpack; I’ve had students stay in what was supposedly a 12 month program for 2, 3,4 and some even 5 years.   

It’s having this this level of impact that frankly keeps me up at night when all the other #hustlers have gone to bed. 

So if you want a mentor in your life who really and truly cares about ensuring the PT profession becomes a skilled craft and teaches personal trainers to demand high levels of respect – now is your chance.

I’m suiting up in this immaculate tailor-made and hand-crafted Oscar Hunt suit. Setting a standard that simply others cannot set, teaching it in a way that others simply cannot teach, to raise the standards of an industry that has had its name dragged through the mud by hacks.

I’m not going to hashtag hustle and say you’ll get 146 leads in the next 3 weeks using this one trick. But I will make you think like a legitimate business person.

I’m suiting up.

Are you?

Time to step up or step down.


Book a time to chat with me about the program here.

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