The 6 Big Problems with Soy

6 Reasons To Avoid Soy: -Phytoestrogens -Phytic Acid -Mold Problems -Genetically Modified -Glyphosate -Environmental Impact All of these negatives in return for what? A subpar protein? Vegan or omnivore – Soy is not your friend. And contrary to popular belief, soy is not good for the environment.  If you found this video informative, send […]

Gluten: The Gut Wrenching Truth

Gluten The Gut Wrenching Truth

Bread, pastries, bagels, pasta, oats, cake, beer… you name it… gluten’s in it! There’s no denying it, gluten products are flipping tasty, and with it’s never-ending popularity, supermarkets have been producing more and more glutenous foods for us to consume and enjoy. Unfortunately though, more and more research is showing that the effects of gluten […]

Understanding The 4 Metabolic Types


This month we are treated to a guest blog by one of our fablous Nutrition presenters, Stefan Ianev. Stefan will be presenting for Wolfpack in August at our 4 day Nutrition intensive. The Key To Understanding How Your Metabolism Works There are many genetic and environmental factors that determine an individual’s metabolic type and how […]