Gluten: The Gut Wrenching Truth

Bread, pastries, bagels, pasta, oats, cake, beer… you name it… gluten’s in it!

There’s no denying it, gluten products are flipping tasty, and with it’s never-ending popularity, supermarkets have been producing more and more glutenous foods for us to consume and enjoy.

Unfortunately though, more and more research is showing that the effects of gluten on our bodies aren’t necessarily positive. It certainly doesn’t help that the estimated concentration in wheat has gone from 5% to 50%. On top of this, glycaphate is sprinkled on top of our glutinous products.

Research since 1966 suggests that gluten can cause purely neurological effects on our body, without us realising as there may not be any connected digestive issues that make us aware of the cause. With over 55 diseases linked to the peptide in gluten sensitive individuals, it’s not looking good for the bread lovers.

Personal experience has shown us that removing gluten from your diet can increase performance and results significantly, we promote sticking to foods that our hunted, fished, gathered and plucked!

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