Internship Testimonial: Naz Sena

Personal Training Internship Testimonial with Naz Sena of Sweat Nation As soon as lockdown eased in Melbourne, Naz enrol in our 3-Day Internship “These 3 days are amazing, amazing, seriously. The value of the things I’ve learnt… it surpasses anything I’ve done in the past. I’ve done all the courses and programs, and this by […]

There’s a lot more to Wolfpack than meets the eye | Rob Clacher

rob archer

Check out what Rob had to say about our mentoring program. After a solid 7 year stint in the industry, working at his own studio and other big box gyms, Rob stepped up his game and joined the pack. Soon enough, he realised this wasn’t just a business, training, and nutrition course… “Wolfpack is a […]

More confident and Equipped | Shaun Tucker

Tucker Fitness

Wolfpack has brought out the true Tucker Fitness Shaun felt totally lost in his business and unworthy to help others.  With that attitude, you’re not going to get very far. Enter Wolfpack.  Right from the start, we chipped away at both; Tucker Fitness professional skills and Shaun on a personal level. After being with […]