Internship Testimonial: Naz Sena

Personal Training Internship Testimonial with Naz Sena of Sweat Nation

As soon as lockdown eased in Melbourne, Naz enrol in our 3-Day Internship

“These 3 days are amazing, amazing, seriously. The value of the things I’ve learnt… it surpasses anything I’ve done in the past.

I’ve done all the courses and programs, and this by FAR this is the best.

I’ve always wanted to work with Mark for a while! 

Generally, when I’ve gone to these programs you’re bombarded with science and you go away and you have to decipher all of that THEN communicate that to my clients, whereas here, I’ve just taken away SO many practical things.

Having the opportunity to train here, I don’t think there are any other programs where you can come there and train. It’s amazing.

The little tweaks and the programming methods are just fantastic!

I’ve paid thousands and thousands on other programs and the investment of this is nothing. Don’t think twice about it. Go and do it. No regrets.”

Naz Sena

Sweat Nation 

Want to get on the fast track and learn from Mark and the team at Enterprise Fitness?  

Enrol in our upcoming 3-Day Internship here


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