5 Things I Learnt From Tony Doherty (Lesson #1)

by Wenn Lynn

Believe in Yourself

Tony Doherty at Enterprise Fitness

Even in the face of adversity.
Even when people are shovelling dirt in your face, saying you’ll never amount to anything in your life.

There’s the saying, “stars don’t shine without darkness”.
Uh, yes they do. You just can’t see them.

Whoever came up with this quote, I’m sure they meant to be motivational, but I don’t do ‘motivation’

Stars don’t have an on-off switch. And neither should your self-belief.

Beleive in Yourself People these days give up too soon. When it comes to other people’s struggles, it’s easy for us to encourage and ‘motivate’ them to stick through it. Because nothing worth having comes easy, right? We all have to struggle for something that we really want…

But in the face of our own shortcomings, all logic goes out the window. We are often taken by surprise, thinking that life is unfair, or that the situation is too difficult to handle… and all other sorts of reasons as to why we can not succeed.

Well guess what, if you think you cannot, you sure can’t.

You are not a unicorn. If you think people should face failure and stick through tough times, what makes you any different?

It won’t be sunshine and rainbows all year round, and that’s why you have to be your own sun. Shine as blindingly bright as you can, so that you don’t have to look for the ‘silver lining’.

Work hard, believe in yourself, and be grateful for the challenges and struggles that you’re facing right now, because it’s shaping your personality for the future.

Which leads me nicely to my second point…

2. Your Personality Creates Your Personal Reality




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