5 Things I Learnt From Tony Doherty (Lesson #2)

by Wenn Lynn

Your Personality Creates Your Personal Reality

Tony Doherty at Enterprise Fitness

Your personality is your state of being. It represents who you are as a person, and defines your choices and reactions.

Using an example that I always use with clients who struggle to stick to their nutrition:

“I am a healthy person who eats healthy foods that nourish and fuel my body.”

This statement defines your personality or state of being as a healthy person.

Would a healthy person finish a whole box of cereal in one sitting? Would he/she fret over the slice of brownie that they enjoyed at a friend’s party?


That’s because as a healthy person, they know what their principles are. They don’t binge on cereal because they know their body won’t agree with it. They enjoy treats in moderation and in good company – because it’s called balance!

They are able to stick to their nutrition with occasional indulgences, because their personality (being a healthy person) has become their personal reality (having a healthy relationship with food).

They won’t compromise their values to go clubbing or drinking with their friends, just because everyone else is doing it.

Which brings me to my third point…

3. Don’t Be Reactive…

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Believe in Yourself

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