François Preece Talks About Wolfpack Mentoring

Meet François Preece, a member of the Wolfpack 2018 Mentoring Program.

He’s from Canada.
It’s very cold in Canada (in case you didn’t know).

François owns his own personal training studio in Canada and was on the lookout for a mentor that could help him go on a ‘next level’. He applied for my Wolfpack program, we chatted- the rest is history. He’s flown out to see me and be part of the Wolfpack seminars twice this year.

Francois is a winner. I am humbled by this man. Truth is; he was already a great trainer before coming to see me. So working with him has been a treat.

Was the 30 hour travel out to Australia worth it for Francois?

Find out what he has to say…

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Transcript From François Preece Talks Wolfpack Video

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My name is François Preece and I’m the owner and founder of elite coaching personal training gym in Montreal, Canada. So I’ve decided to actually been personal training for 14 years and I’ve had my business for five and a half years now. And I’ve always believed in mentoring and having coaches since I’ve opened my business to help me grow my business and me personally. And I heard about mark’s mentoring through facebook about a year and a half ago, but I also heard about him beforehand through Charles Poliquin. So a video, some mentoring films on, on facebook with Charles Poliquin in his gym here in Australia. And after having talked with mark, I really decided that this was the right mentoring program for me to be able to learn more on business and really take my business to the next level. So I was here in February for the first time for five days and now I’ve come back for the last course of the year, a five days.

So I did the first two days of mentoring. And when I came back here and mark and I had spoken together and he’s like, what can I do to make this the best trip ever for you to come to Australia? I’m like, okay, let me think about this. So basically my biggest challenge was being able to take on more staff, more trainers and built to keep them on. And after the first day I believe that we’ve already accomplished what was the limiting factor for me to be able to achieve that goal. So already in one day of mentoring, one day down, now we’ve done two on the third day, one day down, feel confident I’m going to be able to go back and be able to bring my business to the next level and really grow my team. It’s the group that we have here is really a melting pot of two types of people that are business owners like myself who wants to grow their business, but they are also trainers who are independent and work for themselves.

So obviously for me, what’s more attracting is the business people that are here. And we really do get to develop a network through the private mentoring group in facebook where we can chat about different things together and also the group calls that we have, which are fantastic. And just speaking with one of the wolves, uh, earlier today we’re actually going to develop it mastermind mentoring group, even though she’s in Australia and I’m in Canada, we’re going to find, find a way for it to work and involve other people in the group as well. So I think that the networking and the relationship building within the mentoring group is fantastic. One of my thoughts on mark. Well I’m here for mark a mark does have other people come in and speak, but uh, I’m really primarily attracted to mark. Why? Because he has a similar um, training background we’ve both learned and the Charles Poliquin when his gym is pretty much the same size as my gym.

So, uh, François Preece really like Mark’s ease and confidence and when it communicates and how clear it is and how useful the information that Mark presents is actually for François Preece. Somebody is on the fence by joining wolf pack mentoring program. I mean, I’ve flown from Canada twice this year. Literally, you can’t find any further to come and see my marks peak. Let me. The question is is what are your other options for mentoring? One other mentor, could you find that will be at the level that mark teachers. I’ve had a lot of different mentors. Some things have been okay, have brought me to a certain level, but mark always over delivers and he wants to make sure that I succeed as part of this group and as a consequence, I’ve seen the value that mark brings to wolf pack and I will be continuing working with him for the next year.

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