Luke Skyrockets His Career with Wolfpack Mentorship

Luke Riley went from average trainer, barely making a living to doubling his clients, income and results in less than 12 months with the help of Wolfpack mentorship

Luke’s growth is inspiring, as such, he is one of the finalists for the Alpha Award, announced this November.

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Transcript From Luke Wolfpack Mentorship Program Video

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So, my name’s Luke, uh, I work at training day Jim and bird. I’ve been personal training for seven years and started with back this year. I found out about wolfpack because my partner Jay had started personal training here. Um, so she was currently while she was initially a client, she worked with Louis, she was telling me about it and she eventually a job popped up here, so she applied for it and then as she was going through the interview process and eventually got the job, she told me about this course at mark ran and I didn’t really know who mark was a until j dot started coming here. So I watched a couple of, uh, I googled mark and looked at his youtube videos, go a little bit of an insight and spoke to jade and then just thought I’d totally message mark to see, uh, what the whole wolf pack mentorship thing is about.

And then from there, uh, the mentorship seemed pretty like a pretty good idea. So I went through that. The thing that probably pushed me to doing this course was more the business side of things because I thought I was quite good at the training, but even the nutrition stuff, but the business side of things, whereas all the structure around how to run a business and slash or like how to sell people and how to grow your business from a pt standpoint as well as what’s really what I was unsure about what it got near to guidance. And so that is what pushed me to join up to the wolfpack. So at the start of the year, uh, I was a little bit unsure of where I was in the fitness industry. I was kind of bouncing between jobs in that previous year. So this year I’m working at the side of the.

I was working at training day and I was working at malvern but I wasn’t really busy at either of them. So I was trying to get in. I was trying to get like build train day, but also keep molding there as well. And it wasn’t really working. So the first 12 weeks is really about, okay, let’s get rid of Melbourne and just focus on building up a training day and then. So once I’d done I’d done that, the next goal, the next 12 weeks. So from I suppose April to June I was looking at being booked out, so getting leads, converting all my leads and then doing 30 sessions a week. So I’ve managed to hit that and continue that into the next three months. I suppose the last, uh, the last three months is where I’ve really seen progress at the start of the, um, the wolf pack or wouldn’t have thought about hiring someone.

I thought that was a couple years away. I’m running a mentorship program. I thought that would have been next year and then I’m trying to work a semiprivate type model into a gym I thought would’ve been quite difficult. Whereas working with. But having progressed the whole year, I’ve actually mentioned it in the last 12 weeks and yeah, as I said, I don’t think I’d be able to do any of those without the guidance support and mark’s given us throughout the whole year. So if someone is unsure about joining wolf pack, I would suggest you do it. I mean for me the major obstacle that I came across about Joan Wolf pack was the pricing and how much it was. But the way I looked at it was it was an investment and yes, I’m spending a lot of money now, but I’m going to get so much more in return. So I would suggest that if you really want to grow your business, then you should definitely do it for sure.


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