Boss Workouts | Bootie Burner Featuring Amelia Vitale

We’ve put together a brand new Boss Workout series at Enterprise Fitness to show you what training with me (the boss) looks like.

I am known for getting results whilst having a lot of fun with challenging workouts. If you’re going to train, train HARD and SMART.

I take Amelia through a strength and conditioning workout that gets her working hard, and hitting those glutes! Her goal is to grow her glutes and get lean, and this tailor-made program does exactly that.

Before I put together her workout, I ensured appropriate screening tests were carried out, including:

  • Overhead squats
  • Body weight squats
  • Forward fold
  • Back extension
  • Klatt Test

If you’re writing your clients’ program, make sure to screen and assess them appropriately. Download the testing eCourse I put together here.

The workout included:

4 sets (or 5 if you can hack it)
A1 Trap bar deadlifts x6-8 4010
A2 Squat Press x12 x0x0
45 sec rest between each exercise

4 sets
B1 Dead ball lift x5 x0x0
B2 Slow reverse Hypers w/ Pause x12 to 15 3011
45 sec rest between each exercise

3 sets
C1 Kettlebell squats 11/4 x15 (no exact tempo)
C2 Lying leg curl feet plantar flexed & toes pointed in x8-10 4010
45 to 60 sec rest between each exercise

Note: ensure to warm up and cool down appropriately


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