The Best Personal Trainer Mentoring Seminar Yet

The Wolves Are Back In The Wild after 5 days of honesty, urgency and hunger.


Throughout the year our seminars are structured to focus on different aspects of your personal training profession. So, by the end of the year, you have a solid 360 degree understanding of how to grow and progress your business. 

Earlier in the year, we covered training, nutrition, sales and marketing. To finish 2019, we searched pretty damn deep to connect the dots for long-term business success.

The final seminar is never what a student expects. We start with an in-depth understanding of who we are as individuals, and how we can adapt our personalities to develop our relationships in life and business. Once we understand ourselves a little better, we have so much more control over our actions and decision making.

We then identify any issues, barriers and sticking points as personal trainers and business people. Once we acknowledge the problem, we can start solving it.

The icing on the cake?

More passion, drive and hunger. 

We don’t just want to identify the solution, we want to implement it.

We want to take action.

We want urgency.

The Wolfpackers are ready to hit the ground running with a plan of action and a need for more.

Are you a PT or strength coach wanting to grow your business, open a studio and become an industry leader?

We’ve got you; contact us here.

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