How to Charge your Clients

Personal Trainer Business Tips: Charge in PACKAGES


I get it. Most Personal Trainers have ‘stuff’ on asking for cash.


But here’s the thing, if you don’t who will?


And if you don’t, how are you ever going to ever build a business?


Charging in packages was the single most significant thing I did to transform my Personal Training business. And it was actually a very logical step.


I was getting great results for clients, so great that I was getting booked up. Yet, clients seemed to come and go as they pleased which led to three things:


❌ Late cancellations.

❌ Inconsistent sessions.

❌ Inconsistent income.


It was both legendary strength coach, Charles Poliquin and Business Guru, Dale Beaumont who suggested I change the way I charge to stabilise my income. I remember the first time Charles gave me this advice was during a private consult in which I invested $1000.

Charge in packages.


For new students, I teach a simple model to create 12-week programs. Sure, you can have longer programs, payment options and direct debit. However, the point is; results come from sticking to a program, not doing a session here and there. 


To simplify, packages are either 12, 24, 36 or 48 session blocks, training either once, twice, three and four times a week. Design your packages with the optimal customer experience in mind. The fact that it worked out to be a good business model was secondary to the fact it enables clients to get better results.


I have helped hundreds of personal trainers and strength coaches package up their services and would love to help you too. In my new, Fitness Business Training Level 1 and 2, I cover how to strategically grow your PT business without headache and frustration. Check out the online course here.


Rather spend 3 days with me in person? Check out the internship here.


Mark Ottobre 


Enterprise Fitness 

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