Jack Bought his DREAM BIKE from Personal Training

“Mark has a lot of impact with his words. He doesn’t talk you through – he asks you questions, which makes you think about your life.”

As an aspiring personal trainer, Jack was in search of a mentor to help him kickstart his career. He also had a childhood dream of owning a Harley motorbike.

At the start of the year, Jack had the choice of buying a Harley or taking part in Wolfpack, Mark’s best-selling mentoring course. And he chose Wolfpack. Because of this, he thought he would have to wait another 2 to 3 years to buy a Harley, but he was wrong.

With Mark’s mentoring, Jack was prompted to think about what he really wanted in life and go after it. So he did. With Mark’s ongoing education, Jack grew his career in personal training – so much so that he was able to build a successful business AND earn enough money to afford his very own Harley, within just 6 months of starting Wolfpack! This set him up well for the future, giving him the base to further build his business, have job security and directly make positive impacts on other people’s lives. 


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