Raquel’s Wolfpack Experience 

“In the hands of Mark (and also Wolfpack), you’re not going to fail. Like there’s no way you can.”

Before starting as a personal trainer, Raquel was mentally exhausted, working three jobs with no financial stability. She wanted to start a career in personal training, but received disapproval from people around her about doing so. However, she knew she had to make a change, as her current situation was just not ideal, both mentally and financially. 

When she first found out about Mark and his courses, she was overwhelmed by fear of what could happen and uncertainty about whether it would suit her. But after seeing that the peers and trainers around her were all involved in Mark’s course, Raquel decided to face her fear, follow Mark and transition into full-time personal training. 

“Do you run away and hide [from fear], or do you bite the bullet and give it a go and see what happens?”


It was a huge leap for her, but she has not looked back since. Not only did it improve her mental, physical and emotional health, but it also gave her the arsenal of knowledge to run a business and ultimately changed the approach she took to training her clients and getting results. With Mark’s constant support and education, she had all the resources and tools she needed to succeed. And she did. In fact, a few months after this video was recorded, she hired her very first staff member!

Today, Raquel is a women’s transformation coach with a successful business who helps busy females become stronger and live healthy, sustainable lifestyles. 


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