Solve Problems Using this Technique with Mark Ottobre

Problem-Solution-Progressor Format

  • A format for managing people and delegating tasks
  • Consists of three columns: Problem, Solution, and Progressor

How to Use the Format

  • Identify a problem in your business (e.g. building a website, creating Facebook ads)
  • Define the solution to the problem (e.g. fixing the website, having Facebook ads up and running)
  • Allocate a person (the Progressor) to progress the issue

Example Applications

  • Delegating tasks: break down tasks into smaller problems, solutions, and progressors (e.g. delegating Facebook posting, writing ads, posting on LinkedIn)
  • Managing teams: use the format to clarify roles and responsibilities, and track progress using a traffic light system (green: done, red: urgent, yellow: pending)


  • Helps with delegation and management of tasks and teams
  • Provides clarity on problems, solutions, and intended outcomes
  • Enables effective communication and tracking of progress

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