Expert Strategies to Calling out BS…

In the world of personal training, building strong client relationships is not just about helping people achieve their fitness goals; it’s also about navigating the intricacies of human interactions. Clients often come with concerns, doubts, and sometimes, misconceptions that need to be addressed skillfully. As a personal trainer, your ability to handle these situations diplomatically […]

Targeting the Lateral Head of the Delt: Dropset

Want to target the lateral head of your delts but the exercises aren’t working well enough for you? . Check out this video demonstration and try out this killer dropset! These cues and angles will ensure you get the most out of your lat raises. Love this demo and want to learn more from Mark […]

The Best Personal Trainer Mentoring Seminar Yet

Wolfpack Nov 2019

The Wolves Are Back In The Wild after 5 days of honesty, urgency and hunger.    Throughout the year our seminars are structured to focus on different aspects of your personal training profession. So, by the end of the year, you have a solid 360 degree understanding of how to grow and progress your […]