Are supplements Expensive Urine?! The Truth about Supplements

Supplements & expensive urine

Is taking supplements a waste of money? Are supplements expensive urine? As a trainer, do your clients really need supplements? In this video, Mark explains why supplements are not expensive urine and how modern farming has made them almost essential.  Do you have to take supplements? NO, of course not, but if you’re reading […]

Gluten: The Gut Wrenching Truth

Gluten The Gut Wrenching Truth

Bread, pastries, bagels, pasta, oats, cake, beer… you name it… gluten’s in it! There’s no denying it, gluten products are flipping tasty, and with it’s never-ending popularity, supermarkets have been producing more and more glutenous foods for us to consume and enjoy. Unfortunately though, more and more research is showing that the effects of gluten […]