Are supplements Expensive Urine?! The Truth about Supplements

Is taking supplements a waste of money?

Are supplements expensive urine?

As a trainer, do your clients really need supplements?

In this video, Mark explains why supplements are not expensive urine and how modern farming has made them almost essential.

Do you have to take supplements?

NO, of course not, but if you’re reading this, our guess is that you want the best for your health. if you want to reach your 100%, then supplementing will bridge the gap from average to optimal.

Modern day farming has wrecked our soils, and because of this, we’re getting nowhere near as many nutrients as we used to. Supplementing with vitamins and minerals from HIGH QUALITY and pharmaceutically graded brands is a way to bridging the gap in getting many nutrients that you’re probably missing from food, regardless of how well balanced your diet is.

If you’re not sure what you need or you’re already supplementing but still feeling no different, contact our team and resident Naturopath at Enterprise Fitness who can help guide you to the right nutrients and brands.

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