Internship Testimonial: Naz Sena

Personal Training Internship Testimonial with Naz Sena of Sweat Nation As soon as lockdown eased in Melbourne, Naz enrol in our 3-Day Internship “These 3 days are amazing, amazing, seriously. The value of the things I’ve learnt… it surpasses anything I’ve done in the past. I’ve done all the courses and programs, and this by […]

Wolfpack Seminar February 2020 | Wolves in Training

wolfpack group

This February our Wolfpack trainers came together for our first seminar of the year.   This seminar is designed to give our Wolfpack students the tools to program and execute effective training strategies to produce optimal results for clients. We broke down how to introduce new clients to training with better movement patterns, how to […]

Marketing Crash Course for PTs

PT marketing

Learn How To Market Your Personal Training. We joined the fitness industry because of our passion and love for all things training, nutrition and health.  But a lot of us personal trainers missed the memo on learning about business. The sad truth is, you can be an outstanding trainer but with no real understanding of […]