Marketing Crash Course for PTs

Learn How To Market Your Personal Training.

We joined the fitness industry because of our passion and love for all things training, nutrition and health. 

But a lot of us personal trainers missed the memo on learning about business.

The sad truth is, you can be an outstanding trainer but with no real understanding of how to gain and retain clients, you’ll be lost in a sea of trainer mediocrity.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

In this article, we breakdown some of the basics you need to know in order to showcase your amazing abilities and get you out in front of prospective clients. We want to MARKET our personal training, taking people on a journey and nurturing them to become your client.

STEP 1: Understand Your Client

We get it, you want to train everyone and anyone.

But, let’s think rationally here, your marketing needs to be tailored. A 40 year old mother of 2 and a 20 year old aspiring male boxer may both be interested in fitness, but that’s too wide of a scope to market towards. 

Take some time to write what your target clients look like; understand their interests, their challenges and pains, their goals etc. You might find you have a few different target markets, and that’s ok. So long as you tailor your message to them individually.

STEP 2: Design Your Message

Create a message that speaks to your target audience. Hit their pain points, their interests, their aspiring achievements, their idols. Always stick to topics regarding your expertise and interests, but tailor the message to reflect their perspective.

STEP 3: Select Your Medium

Ask yourself these questions…

  • Is your target audience using social media, or are they more concerned with offline mediums, such as mail drops or magazine ads? 
  • If they’re online, what platforms are your target audience using? Do they have a tendency to check Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or is email their best contact?

Remember to also check where they live and work and their demographics for even more refined marketing.

Take these 3 steps and start implementing them into your personal training marketing.

If you’re still stuck or want to learn more about how to refine your PT marketing to a tee, get in contact with us.

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