It Encapsulates What The Industry Is

Meet David. David is a second year student of Wolfpack and a Personal Trainer. We caught up with David to share his thoughts and successes from Wolfpack.

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Hi, I’m David Coyne, I’m a trainer from Melbourne Central Fitness First and I’ve been in the industry for six years. So my thoughts on Wolfpack is that it’s a very, very unique course, unique group of people. You don’t tend to see this kind of learning experience anywhere else, you know, it’s, it’s definitely a unique experience. A lot of guest speakers, a lot of in depth knowledge of, of the industry, and it’s changing the whole time as well. And he is my second year and he’s continuously putting out new material, which is quite strange that you can do that, but he’s doing it. It encapsulates what the industry is in one whole course. Professionally Wolfpack has impacted my business by looking beyond the session that you do.

Looking past the money issues or just like the day to day looking at a bigger scale looking at the results that you want to get for your clients. Looking at the outcome when it comes to creating a whole business, creating great results for clients that they’ll be happy with it and they can share with family and friends. Business wise, it’s improved my bottom line by at least twice since the previous year I was working. Beyond that, it’s changed me personally and how I approach my industry, I look at it in a more confident manner. There’s not very many people I wouldn’t recommend Wolfpack to.

There’s the people that work in a big box gym that are struggling, that were like me two and a half years ago that might have known a few things but just needed to piece things together and this will just show everything. Everything will tie in together and you go, oh, okay, that’s what I was missing. Um, you can be a gym owner and you can get just as much as much out of this course as if you are someone that works at a big box gym. It is tailored to a vast amount of different demographics of trainers. Even if you’re a successful trainer, you can still get a lot out of Wolfpack. Like there’s lots of things that people are doing wrong in the industry or not optimally that can, if when they implemented, just one or two things can skyrocket their business. It would have been a few little things that in the beginning I was a massive change in my business. And then bit by bit it’s, it’s improved since then. Yeah. So everybody.


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