Secrets of Entrepreneurs Exposed! (Book Release)

When Dale Beaumont asked me to be part of the Secrets Exposed Series I had to think…. For a nanosecond!

Dale is someone who I have admired and respected for many years; when he first released the series I was just getting started in business and had that zipper of thought- one day I want to be in this.

It’s an honour to be featured alongside other great Entrepreneurs. In it, we tell our stories of how we lost, struggled, won-and then struggled some more wrestling with bring our creations, passions and businesses to life.

It’s a milestone when those you admire and respect give you this kinda props, but the truth is; Enterprise and Wolfpack are still just getting started. We have so much more in store for the world of Fitness, Comp Prep and all things Personal Training.

If you would like to grab a copy and read my story of being a frustrated one-man-band PT to breaking through and having a fully operational team of 17, email [email protected] or click here to purchase online and we will ship it out.


Mark Ottobre


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