It’s Given Me Clarity in My Personal Training Business

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Transcript From It’s Given Me Clarity in My Personal Training Business video

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Hi, I’m Andrea. I own Chris’ gym in Hawthorn. I’ve had the studio probably for about six years now. I have a team of about four to five trainers. Wolfpack is awesome. Actually, I probably don’t let Mark know enough that I’m really impressed with it. Um, I think it’s, um, really good. It works in a number of different ways in a number of different levels for different people. So as a business owner for me it’s really helped give me clarity on what I need to be doing and the way I need to be moving forward and having a bit of faith and my beliefs about what I’m doing and making sure what I’m doing is right and that guidance that you need because often that you don’t have someone that you can, especially as a business owner, you don’t have someone you can actually reach out to and go, Hey, am I doing the right thing?

Or um, you know, just little bits of advice to say or experienced to say, how do I deal with the staffing issue, how do I deal with this problem? But then also as a trainer is programming at vice and nutritional advice and just, um, just a depth of learning in the course that we just, I’m really lucky to be exposed as people with so much information and the speakeasy gets in and so there’s different levels that work for different people. I think wolf pack really works for both, just one on one pts as well as business owners and you, everyone will get, get something out of it. Even as a person, I think you get something out of it. You get Max really good at helping you sort of, I dunno, visualize or clear workout where you’re going in life a little bit like clear, clear the path, clear the clutter.

And so then you kind of go, oh, okay, I’m just holding myself up here and this is what I need to do. And so then you start to make the right steps in the right direction. Wolf pack has really impacted my business. I think it’s helped me develop my management skills. Um, I start, I was always trying to a little bit to be too nice and tip toe around people’s feelings. Um, I think mike gave me the skills and the techniques to give people value as, as trainers and as staff as well as um, so being able to control them or manage them and get the best out of people. Um, he’s really good at sort of giving you the tips to keep yourself on track. I think I was a little bit. I haven’t managed a bit. I hadn’t managed a business before. I was a very, a very good pat and then I took over business.

I had no business skills. So Max basically helped me build those skills that I think that’s what people underestimate with wolf pack, I don’t think they realize at like mark is totally there. If you can ask them a question and he, he will sometimes you won’t like the answer, but he will answer you and give you. He’s prepared to give of himself I think will affect a whole has impacted me with my self confidence. I think I have become A. I’m able to be a little bit more direct with people and handled conflict a bit better. I’ve always avoided it and generally tried to. I’m a bit of a people pleaser and try and solve people’s problems and try not to upset or rock the boat. I’m now a little bit more like. Actually no, I don’t agree and I’m a bit more assertive. I think it’s made me stand up for myself and believe in my, in my skills as a trainer, a bit more.

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