Double Your Personal Training Business Like Karl

Karl runs his own personal training business in Sydney, and has joined the Wolfpack mentoring program as a one stop shop for all his educational needs.

He’s joining me again for 2019, watch the video to find out why…

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Long story, short story? Mark called me, told me about it, gave me a mock spend about 90 minutes with me. I’m personally just wanting to understand how my business works, what I was doing at the moment, and kind of found some gaps. How do you like, look, here’s some advice I would recommend on that. Advice turned out to be very, very helpful mentoring. It was pretty much a no brainer. I was like, this is what I need. I need some mentoring to be able to guide me whenever possible with Mark and the Elf program, it’s every two weeks. Follow up, Sarah. Once a month we do group calls. So really haven’t getting someone to me every month I’m even, it does email support. There’s online support, so pretty much 24/7 support and mentoring, which is probably the best thing about the wolfpack mentoring program because it’s always there and maximum available. You’ve got a whole team to work with.

Double my earnings within the first month, um, by taking them Mark’s advice. And then I’ve doubled that again, uh, just three days ago. Which was really exciting to to say like, it’s really scary when you feel like not a lot of stuff works like I’m doing really well. And then you go outside your comfort zone and you’re like, you freak out a little bit, but then you look long term and you’re like, oh wow. Yeah, the mentoring really was worth it. So the numbers of my business when I started, when I was making $1,500 through direct debit cells. So that was pretty much my bread and butter. That was pretty much all my income. I have one person that paid me upfront and that was about, that was 20 clients. No train is no one waiting for me and my hours are all over the place.

Then when I started with Mark’s mentoring, a 50 percent of my business became director it same clients and 50 percent of it became on front sales. So $1,500 I was making about 120,000 and now it may end up to about 2:20, um, through upfront payments. And I have one trainer working for me and obviously now I’m recording a little more, so I have now to trends and support stuff. So I have one person that does some admin for me, so to train his support stuff and we doubled our directive itselves, uh, just last week in the sense that I wanted to double my direct debit sales because obviously that’s weekly income and the 90 day challenge for that. And I really worked on it. I utilized a lot of the systems I’ve learned from mock and we’ll pack and I hit that target within 22 days. Um, my life, uh, one of my goals was relationships and communication.

Um, you asked for and um, I was terrible. Um, she’s a lot happier now with me because I’m seem a little more open. I’m still quite direct, but she understands more now where I’m coming from. I’m a little at a time. If business was struggling I would say don’t worry about it. Um, but I became a little more open because obviously I’ve seen how it works here at enterprise. I’m like, wow, it’s quite open and very professional in doing that. Um, which then allow success leaves clues really. So I saw from afar, mark’s team, when everyone here was very professional and very open and um, I took that away back with me to Sydney and I started to make sure I kept my professionalism, but I made sure I was still open. Include with people rather than a. Now they don’t want to know this and being secretive, it’s quite an uh, it’s come back full vault so that to recommend moved back to anyone. I would recommend it to anyone who’s serious, independent training group and really anyone who’s really wanting to get deep into their and health and fitness.


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