Why You Need A Mentor | Stories from The Class of 2016

 2016  was the first year I become a mentor and ran my personal trainer mentoring program, Wolfpack ????

The class of 2016 will always hold a special place in my heart. It was the first group of people that trusted me to guide them for an entire year; in training, nutrition and business. 

We were fortunate enough to capture some of their journey on film, here’s what they had to say… 

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Transcript From Why You Need A Mentor video

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Before we started the wolfpack mentoring course, always desperately searching for a mentor. Yeah, business was at a family style sort of situation. I was at a bit of a level of burnout. I honestly don’t think we would probably still have a business without a mentor. I had a very comfortable, very good where I am, and that’s obviously not a very good place or position for growth. It’s always going backwards. I was so, so busy. Really. I was drowning, so since I’ve started the wolfpack mentoring course, I’ve just got everything and everything’s in order to become more systemized because I’m challenged to be more systemized and now and I sit back and look at it and think, well, I sort of knew where I was and I thought I was doing okay and now I look back and think, well actually I’m no nowhere near where I want to be. A lot more confidence in approaching clients.

With a mentor, I know how to train the clients better. I know the programs and systems to put in place is just basically been like following a manual, but adapting it to myself, my business and my clients taught me a lot about myself as well. If you have a dream, you can fall. You just gotta work hard and never give up. Even my partner has told me the amount of things have changed in my own. I could rattle off the list, self confidence, self esteem, the way I look at myself, my perspective, my hallway value myself. I can honestly honestly say that nothing in my entire life that has instigated such a huge personal growth and in such a short period of time, nothing. This mentorship is the thing that has done it for me. What I do want to touch on. Yeah. The mentoring with mark has been like life changing and second to non mark understands how to motivate you and push you to the next level. He understands you and read too well and I really value that in a mentor.

Definitely recommended close to anyone in the fitness industry. I mean, we’ve got a real mix of people that are personal trainers, that pt studio and is that for me, coming from a background of just being a normal personal trainer in a normal jets, June, the price has been invaluable.

I think anyone would be mad not to do the wolfpack. Just take the leap and you’ll be very glad. Yes.


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