Andrew Lock | Industry Leading Physiotherapist

Dr. Andrew Lock is a sought after physiotherapist who has taught at Wolfpack and Enterprise for the last 3 years. So it’s with pleasure we announce him for another education day in Wolfpack 2019.

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Transcript From Andrew Lock | Industry Leading Physiotherapist video

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I’m Andrew Lock, I’m here today presenting at a Wolfpack 2018, so I’ve known mark for almost 10 years old. So as an industry professional and physiotherapist who’s really trying to lead the way, Avi will present a wolf pack for perhaps almost three, four years now, always one of the highlights of the year, seeing the, um, the new crew who are here in the developing crew that had been working hard. So it’s always a great time coming out of Wolfpack will face always exciting because he had a lot of intelligent questions. People are always the active learners here. People are trying to improve themselves dramatically. So they’re not people who sit back and just absorb information. There are people who fire questions to me. So the process is always exciting when I get here. The wolfpack always got something new from every time I turned up. Mark’s a great leader of the wolfpack thank the leadership of is putting together with a little pack is really helping the industry professionals to drive to their potential. And that’s what people need. People need to a leader who shows them the way to, you know, achieve their goals and their dreams. So Wolfpack has definitely been showing professionals that I’ve now known for a few years who are continuing to develop.


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