Why I’ve Been in Wolfpack Mentoring for 3 Years

Jeremy talks about his third year with the Wolfpack Personal Trainer Mentoring Program and what he’s learned so far.

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Transcript From Jeremy Wolfpack Mentoring Program Video

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My name is Jeremy Evans, I’ve been with wolf pack for three years. This is coming to the end of my third year, going into my fourth year. I’m a personal trainer at fitness first Melbourne central and I’ve been in the industry for six years, so before I started move pack to now the difference in my life and my Korea would be before I started wolf pack, I was probably what you would consider just a run of the mill. I’m mediocre personal trainer. I had enough, I guess basic skills to get me by. I had enough basic skills to get people results, but in terms of what I’ve learned through wolf pack and being a part of this network and this community is I’ve been able to, uh, not only just broaden my skills but also develop my knowledge and wisdom in the industry and not just what it means to be a personal trainer, but also what it means to be someone who is a leader in the industry.

When you joined wolf pack or just being a part of the wolf pack, it’s not just the seminars or it’s not just being a part of a facebook group, it’s far more than that. And Mark has always delivered more in terms of our expectations right from day one is over 300 hours of online content that we have access to. There’s um, regular meetups that we can have face to face with other people we will pack where we can network and share ideas. There’s obviously the online calls, there’s the one on one calls. There’s also just having access to highly skilled and highly knowledgeable coaches at the gym at enterprise that we can, um, you know, utilize as a source and as a resource of information and knowledge. So you’re not just paying for a seminar, it’s not a seminar. In fact, you’re not even paying for a seminar.

You’re paying for everything else that comes with it. You’re paying for being a part of the community. And that in itself is, you can’t put a price on that. So going from year one to year two, if I hadn’t done year one, the stuff that I wouldn’t have gotten out of year two because I already had this base of knowledge from year one and I was able to build on that. So it was the ability to build on my knowledge and expand that even further, which made the subsequent years and obviously coming into my fourth year even more valuable. So my, my thoughts on the guest speakers, mark always finds people who have unique stories and I have a unique skillset and I guess some of my favorite presenters would be Andrew Locke. Of course, he’s a fantastic presenter and the knowledge that he always brings us very exciting and challenging.

And I’m Dwayne Alley. His presentations have been amazing and highly valued. Just in terms of how we think about mindset when it comes to personal training. So the quality and the caliber of the presenters that mark invites to present that wolf pack are exceptional. They’re the leaders in the industry in Australia, if not the world. If you’re a personal trainer who values themselves and values their career and what they do as a personal trainer and what they value for others, there is no other course that he’s going to challenge you more and help you grow more. Both on a personal and professional level. And if you’re someone who wants to help bring the standard of personal training to a higher level and a more respectable level, then there’s no question you need to join wolfpack.


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