I’ve discovered What I Need to Achieve What I Want in Life

Words straight from Wolfpack 2016 mentee, Mike Thornton, about what an experience being a part of Wolfpack 2016 was!

Bit late to the party but last week I completed the last 5 day Wolfpack seminar with my mentor Mark Ottobre to round out 5 amazing personal development seminars in Melbourne in 2016 ?

It’s been an amazing year of business and personal development learning from the best in their field on training functional medicine, rehab, sales, marketing, and everything it takes to become a master of your craft and run a successful business.

But besides all that, the thing that stood out for me was the amount I’ve learnt about myself. I’ve discovered my strengths, and also my weaknesses. I’ve made some good decisions, and also made some bad. But most importantly I’ve discovered what kind of person I need to become to achieve what I want to in my life. I remember Mark say at the start of the year, business is the best form of personal development and looking back on this course I couldn’t agree more.

So thank you Mark for such a life changing year, there’s really no other person in Australia if not the world who’s qualified enough to be doing what you’re doing! This is the ONLY personal trainer mentoring program anyone should do!

2017, let’s do this ?

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