I went from being a broke personal trainer to owning a successful studio with a world-class team and culture. I started as a personal trainer earning $16.75/hour at a gym, was part of an independent business owner program, which helped me learn business skills.

I created an online program – The Alpha Body, which includes programing, their nutrition, a power call, wrote an E-book – The Truth About Supplements, and started a podcast – The MaximusMark, but they didn’t generate much income.

I have failed a lot, I tried so many things, but I learned that it’s okay, it’s completely okay to fail.

I have trained a successful boxer, which led to recognition and more clients. I got kicked out of my gym for being too successful, which led me to open my own studio. I met a mentor who taught me the importance of constant improvement and learning from others.

There are four ways to sell personal training:

  1. By the session
  2. By the pack
  3. By the program
  4. By the experience: in Enterprise Fitness, we do sell by experience.

What I learned over the years:

Master your craft, master sales, build a marketing machine, learn to train and delegate team members, and be conscious about creating a brand. Be willing to say no to things that don’t align with your values and goals. Create a culture that supports your team and clients.

Currently, we have bought a commercial building, all because of personal training, and is renovating it to move the studio.

Note on Q&A:

  • We screen team members by having them shadow for a week to ensure they fit with the studio’s culture and values.
  • Employs coaches and trainers on a casual basis, paying them for the hours they work, to manage the variability of client bookings.
  • Balances work and life by being protective of my time and prioritizing my schedule.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s leading experts.

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