Your Diet Is Like A Pair Of Rubber Crocs

Due to the nature of modern agriculture, our diet is lacking key nutrients like magnesium and zinc, simply because the soil that we farm on is so depleted.

That’s why your diet looks like a pair of rubber crocs – because it has so many ‘holes’!

And since nutrition is the foundation of your life, it’s like investing in pair of cheap crocs for the 1000 step trail in Dandenong – you’ll soon start complaining about blisters.

But in the case of your nutrition, you’re on a lifelong journey, and it’s not just blisters that you have to deal with. We’re talking about more serious problems like poor sleep, hypothyroidism, hair loss…

That’s when supplements come in – they’re easy convenient ways to fill up the ‘holes’ in your diet – especially when your nutrition is incomplete.

Watch this video to see how I break down key principles in nutrition in a way that you can communicate effectively to your clients.

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