Wolfpack Now Available In Modules – From Business, Training to Nutrition


In 2015, I launched my 12 month Wolfpack program. 20 personal trainers and coaches from all around Australian enrolled and history was made.

It was the first 12-month mentorship program of its kind for personal trainers. A program where I educate and train trainers for a period of 12 months and give them everything from training, nutrition and business education. The deal was, you sign up to everything…or nothing.

That was then. This is now.

As of November 2018, the way Wolfpack operates has completely changed. We now no longer operate as a 12-month program. Intake is at any time and you can sign up to individual courses.

So what does that mean?

We’ve gone from 12-month commitments to trainers now being able to choose which courses of Wolfpack they need most. Of course, as expected with Wolfpack, when signing up to any Wolfpack course, you sign up to an educational experience LOADED with bonuses including access to the HUGE member’s site, eClasses, group calls and so much more.

Wolfpack is still Wolfpack.
It’s now just more accessible than ever.

Wolfpack is life changing and in 2019 we want to share it with more trainers than ever before. We believe this small change to the way we intake students will have a massive impact on the industry and enable more trainers and coaches to get access to the information they need to have the results they always wanted as trainers.

Wolfpack is a party for face to face coaches and trainers- and you need to be there!


Wolfpack doesn’t just provide amazing courses, in-depth online material and support, its a party, a community where you can come and meet like-minded individuals, connect and grow. We see it time after time, 4 days with us, you will go back home a new person and a better trainer- ready to make the impact you always wanted as a PT. That’s why so many of students stick around for years.

So now it’s easier than ever before to join our tribe of elite trainers. Email me back and I’ll get Andrew to give you a call to get the ball rolling. The course coming up in November is going to be STRONG! I have two amazing special guests. Email us today to find out more…

Courses to come:

November 18 – STRONG! (Super course, covering mindset, business and strength sports).

February 19 – Wolves in Training (Training, Rehabilitation and Systems)

May 19 – Wolves in Learning (Business and Personal Development)

August 19 – Wolves in Feeding (Nutrition, Supplements, Muscle Testing and Blood Markers)

November 19 – Wolves in the Wild (How to grow and scale your PT business)

Please note; Spots are still strictly limited. You must book in advance. November and Februarys courses are almost at capacity. Plus, we make it worth your while to book early 😉

Speak soon,

Mark Ottobre
Enterprise Fitness and Wolfpack

P.S. If you want to enrol or want more info, email [email protected]

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